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What Are Wooden Plank Tiles?

Wooden plank tiles are made of ceramic or porcelain and are meant to look like genuine wood in a certain location. Apart from ceramic, plank tiles are available in a variety of different materials such as glazed vitrified tiles. And are available in two sizes: 145x600mm and 195x1200mm. It’s often sold in planks, much like genuine wood.  These tiles come in a variety of unusual forms, patterns, and textures not seen in other tile categories. For example, rustic plank tiles resemble genuine wood so closely that it’s impossible to tell the difference without touching them.

Wooden plank

High-tech production, along with high-detail scanners and powerful 3D digital imaging, has produced realistic images that imitate the feel, warmth, and character that one could anticipate from träplankor tiles design. It’s incredible to learn that once laid, they make the room appear really righteous and lifelike. As a result, if one desires majestic, crisp, and elegant-looking rustic flooring. There is no need to purchase expensive raw wood.

Why are wooden plank tiles the most popular trend?

Träplanka tiles are one of the most popular and fashionable solutions, providing a cost-effective yet realistic appearance to enhance the aesthetic of any home or business area. They have been a popular choice among any other tile. Tiles are available on the market today due to its low care needs. There is no question that hardwood plank tiles are one of the most popular flooring options. And the following reasons have been discussed:



When wooden plank tiles are properly fitted and maintained, they clearly become a long-lasting option for furniture. Unlike real wooden planks, wooden plank tiles are easy to clean, can be swept, and require no special upkeep. They are not impacted by scratches and do not require refinishing like hardwood floors. These tiles’ main selling features are their durability and consistency. Another advantage of these tiles is that they may be given any look thanks to the variety of textures and colors available.

The tile may be used on the floors or on the walls; either way, they will endure a long time, which is what makes them so valuable. Furthermore, the wood-look never goes out of style, reducing the odds of repainting the room. It doesn’t matter if they become wet or hot.


The majority of consumers believe that wood-look tile is a current trend because of its ability to create a stylish look in any location where it is installed. We already know that hardwood tile floors are ageless, but the tiles that imitate this appearance are much better since they will last you a long time! All of the wooden planks may be found here. Explore our assortment of vitrified wooden planks that are inspired by nature; Inspire here.

Decorate Your Walls With Wooden Planks

Decorate Your Walls With Wooden Planks

Are you seeking for innovative methods to make your home more modern? How about a one-of-a-kind feature to break up the monotony? If that’s the case, consider using wooden planks to decorate your walls. They contribute to the creation of a natural environment while remaining current with current trends. Of course, there are a number of elements to consider, including tone and style, as well as how the planks will blend in with the rest of your decor. To understand more about utilizing wooden planks to design your walls, read on.

Choose a starting point.

Where you start your endeavor depends on how well you install planks for your wood wall. The size of your room’s wall and available space will undoubtedly influence your choices. To keep the planks level, the most frequent arrangement is from left to right or right to left. If the wall is slanted in any way, you might alternatively start from the top or bottom.

Use contrasting colors

Whatever thoughts you have, keep in mind the color of the wood as well as the rest of the space. If you want the space to feel alive, the planks should be a different color than the floor. You may bring vitality to a space by combining different colored planks made from salvaged wood. Another method, which may take longer, is to paint individual boards to get your desired look.

Patterns for wood planks to consider

The diversity of decorations available for DIY wood wall projects is what makes them so enjoyable. You have a lot more options than just vertical and horizontal wooden boards. Herringbone planks have a distinctive design that allows each plank to fit together flawlessly. Diamonds, waves, and zig-zags can be used to draw attention to the room.

Multiple walls to decorate

Some of the most brilliant ideas aren’t limited to one wall. wooden planks may be used to cover all of the walls in any room you’re working on. Whether the wood is oak, pine, hardwood, or walnut, keep the look consistent on each wall. You may make the job more interesting by painting each wall a different color.

Consider both new and old wood.

The age of the wood you select may influence the final appearance of your project. For your wooden plank wall, we recommend evaluating both old and modern possibilities. Distressed wood, for example, may lend history to the space while also connecting people to nature. If you want particular colors or wood that is easy to paint, new wood is a good option.

Understanding wooden plank wall decoration

Other materials lack the feeling of style and texture that wooden planks provide. All you need is a little creativity to see how it will blend in with the rest of your design. Simple hues may appeal to certain homeowners, while multicolored boards may appeal to others. Planks come in a variety of patterns, from vertical and horizontal to herringbone and zig-zag. We also propose taking into account varying ages of wood.


From dark to light, knotty to smooth-grained, every kind of natural-wood appearance may be found. However, if a stronger impression is desired, whitewashed, painted-look tiles might be used. There are some tiles with great appearances that are not only uncommon and valuable but also come in unique colors and patterns that are not available anywhere else.

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