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What do plus and minus in betting indicate?

It is unarguably true that the use of plus and minus signs is common in routine business activities. These signs are generally used to make calculations and are a bit easier than multiplication and division. As a sports bettor, you probably see these signs numerously in the betting odds. These are the Moneyline odds signs that are popular types of odds. They are widely used in the United States by the bookies to show predictions for particular sports outcomes. The bookies use plus and minus in betting to showcase which team has chances to win the sport. These odds are also referred to as American odds. However, there are also fractional and decimal odds. But this blog is focused on Moneyline odds, so let’s discuss only plus and minus odds in this post.

How do plus and minus odds strive in gambling?

You can take an example of the previous year’s NFL match played between San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. During the match, sometimes it becomes difficult to predict which team would win. So, the bookmakers have to present odds to determine underdog and favorites using Moneyline odds. The odds for this match are 49ers at +111 and Chiefs at -130. Now, do you understand the real meaning of these signs? If not, read the post further.
The team with a score of the plus sign is an underdog. On the other hand, one that has a minus sign is a favorite.

Now understand how to calculate payout with these odds?

It is considered that you have gained a proper understanding of what these signs signify. So, now is the time to see how to compute the payout with these odds if you are a bettor. Let’s take another example of odds like -250 and +200. So, if you bet with 100 dollars on an underdog and it wins, you will make a net profit of 200 dollars. This means that you can make a total payout of 300 dollars upon winning. The bet of 100 dollars will let you win additional 200 dollars.

Similarly, you can bet on the favorite, which is the team with a minus sign and odds of 250. So, you have to place a bet of 250 dollars to make a net profit of 100 dollars. If the favorite team wins, then you will get a wholesome payout of 350 dollars.
This is the real working of plus and minus in betting that you can work to place bets.

Over/under American odds

You can even place bets with the over/under American odds to make a win. For instance, if the match is going on among LA Lakers and Golden State Warriors, then you can place a bet on the final scores. You can place a bet on the final score points, let’s say 50 points. So, the bet on these scores will be less than or under 50 points or more than or over the 50 points. In order to compute the payout, take the number from the plus line and divide it by 100. Now, multiply the number with your wager amount to know your payout. Is that effortless?

The Final Say

I hope you have a far better understanding now of plus and minus in betting. Now, you can try your luck on betting with Moneyline odds. Get in touch with BetAdrian to get more details. 

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