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What Employees Should Know About the Average Cost for Ultrasounds

Health insurance benefits help employees save a considerable amount of money on healthcare services. This is particularly important for expectant parents who’re looking for cheaper ultrasounds clinics near me on the internet. From hospital stay to prenatal care – an insurance plan greatly benefits the employees, and here’s a look into it.

Pregnancy and Insurance – What Should Employees Expect?

Companies understand the significance of employee benefits as a means for recruitment and retention. The organization dedicates some time, once every year to present their employee benefits, known as open enrollment. In addition to open enrollment, they continue to remind the staff about the firm’s benefits packages throughout the year as well.

One crucial aspect of an employee’s health insurance is the Qualifying Event, that paves way for amendments in the plan. Life events such as marriage, adoption, or birth permit the employee to make adjustments in their benefits packages. However, there are certain aspects of pregnancy that may or may not be covered by the plan. In such cases, HR encourages the employee to discuss the plan with the provider.

How Much Does an Ultrasounds Cost?

Ultrasounds is a technique that is used to monitor fetal growth during pregnancy. It is also employee to diagnose various medical conditions producing images of our internal body structures. Ultrasounds scans are crucial for diagnosis and hence are often recommended by physicians. The average cost of a scan is estimate to be $410 without insurance. However, if you have an insurance plan, the cost might vary from $100-$1000.

An ultrasounds scan may cost more when you choose an out-of-the-network provider, in which case, it goes over $1000.

Factors That Influence the Cost

It’s not just insurance that regulates the price of the scan, but there are other factors involve as well. Companies should inform the employees of the way scans are charge according to the American healthcare system. The price may be completely different from one hospital to another and is also influence by factors such as:


The price of an ultrasounds scan depends heavily on the body region it is perform on. For instance, fetal, pelvic, eye, and chest ultrasounds tend to be on the pricier side. On the other hand – bone, spine, head and neck, and other extremities scans are much cheaper. However, during a healthy pregnancy, women are usually advise to take two ultrasounds scans.


The price of ultrasound also varies according to its imaging capabilities. With the advent of technology, 2D and 3D scans are being replace with 4D imaging with color. The latter employs improved imaging quality, offers exceptional clarity, and hence requires greater expenses.

While 3D ultrasound cost $75-$125 more than 2D, a 4D ultrasound scan costs a couple of hundred dollars more. Employees may choose from imaging technology that meets both their requirements and budget.


Geographical locations also determine the amount that you would’ve to pay for an ultrasounds scan. For instance, an eye ultrasounds that costs between $470-$1250 in California, goes around $170-$440 in Texas. In densely populated areas such as New York and Los Angles, healthcare facilities rank higher in price as compared to suburban areas. If you’re looking for a scan that suits your insurance plan, perhaps traveling to another region might be an affordable alternative.


The type of facility the employee wishes to get their scan done from also influences the cost of the procedure. Hospitals and clinics that fall under the in-network category charge $100-$800 per scan. In such cases, standalone facilities cost less than hospitals where licensed medical professionals charge up to $1000 to perform the scan.

However, an ultrasound scan easily exceeds $1000 when performed at out-of-the-network premises. In such cases, the insurance does not cover the cost and is to be paid by the employee.

Inpatient Vs Outpatient – Who Saves More?

Employees need to understand how ultrasound bills can differ according to a facility in the American healthcare system. The variation in costs depends upon the facility that the patient chooses to visit. Even with the cost being cover by insurance, an in-network standalone clinic is a cheaper alternative than an inpatient facility. Out-patient premises such as urgent care clinics or a physician’s offices charge between $99-and $300 for a scan. The ultrasound facility then transfers the medical records to the employee’s physician or hospital.

Does Health Insurance Cover Ultrasound Facility?

Typical health insurance does cover ultrasound but it has its exceptions and limitations.

Employer-sponsor health insurances are more likely to pay for the scan if/when it’s deem a medical necessity. If the physician does not consider a scan crucial for an employee’s wellbeing, the carrier may bear its cost. However, the HR department must notify their employees that insurance may not cover 3D ultrasound. Throughout a healthy pregnancy, women may require two scans to monitor fetal development. In some cases, the policy might only be covering one ultrasound per pregnancy. The rest of the scans will then be pay for by the carrier. Therefore, to prevent any miscommunications in the future, employees should consult their physicians and health insurance providers.

Affordable Alternatives for Ultrasound

Getting an ultrasound scan done without insurance can be a hefty business. An economical approach would be to avoid any elective ultrasounds that wouldn’t be cover by your plan. However, if you do not have a plan per se, opt for a standalone facility to revel in low-cost services. In such cases, you can also ask the physician to set up a payment plan for the ultrasound. You may also visit your local plan parenthood clinic to get the procedure done at a lower price.

How To Save Money On U/S Exams?

Did you know that ultrasound has accounted to save uninsured patients an average of $2826 as compared to other diagnostic tools? However, being an affordable diagnostic approach, it can still be expensive until you opt for the following:

  • Go For a 2D Ultrasound – As tempting as it may sound for new parents, 4D ultrasounds are not medically necessary. 2D ultrasound serves the same role in pregnancy as compared to other imaging resolutions and costs even less.
  • Opt For An Outpatient Facility – As long as the condition’s not severe, it is feasible to opt for an outpatient clinic for the scan. Such facilities cost way less than hospitals and do not burden the pocket.
  • Compare – The price of ultrasounds varies significantly from state to state and city to city. Therefore, it is viable to call multiple facilities in your vicinity and compare their prices before making an appointment.
  • Confirm – Before scheduling an ultrasound, ask the physician whether it is a medical necessity or not. If they are unsure, discuss with the insurance company to save money.

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Not every physician or clinic will consider your insurance plan, leading to hefty amounts being spent on basic healthcare services. To save up on your healthcare costs, opt for an in-network internal medicine doctor in Michigan. From primary, preventive, to urgent care – the right choice can deliver services at a commendable price.

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