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What Is a Clinical Research Organization?

If you’re a biotech or pharmaceutical company, you’ll want to look for a Clinical Research Organization to help with your research. A CRO provides research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies on a contract basis. These companies offer a range of services for companies in a variety of industries, including clinical trials.

A Clinical Research Organization (CRO) has a range of departments that play an important role in the development and success of clinical trials. From the finance department, which oversees the financial and monetary controls of the CRO, to the training and development department, which focus on professional development. In addition to routine training, this department also keeps its staff update on technology and best practices in clinical research. It is the CRO’s equivalent of a medical school, offering the best clinical research courses to its staff.


ICON is a clinical research organization and healthcare intelligence provider to the pharmaceutical industry. In November 2021, ICON employee 38000 people in 147 locations in 46 countries. The firm’s mission is to help pharmaceutical companies to discover, develop, and commercialize drugs. To support this mission, ICON provides a comprehensive range of consulting, clinical development, and commercialization services.

ICON’s solutions span the clinical development lifecycle, from compound selection to Phase I-III clinical studies. Additionally, the company offers post-approval outcome research and market access consulting services. These services help pharmaceutical companies get new medicines to patients faster. The company employs over 15,000 people in 99 locations around the globe.

The organization is commit to being a diverse and inclusive workplace. It provides equal employment opportunities for qualify applicants without regard to age, race, national origin, or disability. For those with disabilities, reasonable accommodations may be require. The organization’s diverse staff helps it attract the best talent from around the world. Its commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of clinical trials is the key to its long-term success.

What Is a Clinical Research Organization?


A Clinical Research Organization is a company that provides services for the development of clinical trials. These services include trial execution, consulting, and placement. In addition to clinical trial execution, KCR also provides consulting services. A KCR can offer a range of services to help a drug developer conduct their clinical trials.

KCR provides a wide range of services and expertise for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. With over 300 professionals, KCR delivers high-quality, innovative, and fast clinical development solutions. The company operates in more than 20 countries around the world and has been a trust partner for over 20 years.

KCR has offices in Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Central Europe. It has a strong presence in the Ukrainian market, with a team of more than 40 experience specialists and a central office in Kyiv. Its strategic position in the region makes KCR a valuable strategic partner for Pharma companies. It offers services for Phase I-IV clinical trials, as well as central laboratory and regulatory services.

Clinical trials are design to improve the patient experience

However, the R&D industry knows little about the real patient experience, and KCR strives to get feedback from patients. Through this, they aim to improve the lives of patients and ensure their safety. They also provide project management services. Once a clinical trial is in progress, KCR’s team monitor it to ensure its integrity and adherence to protocol. The team also ensures patient safety and accuracy of data collection.

KCR is a medium-size CRO with international reach. Its use of the Veeva Vault Clinical Suite has help it to drive digital transformation. This solution has streamline and automate the management of hundreds of thousands of documents, while dramatically improving TMF quality measures. Implementation of the solution start in 2014, and the company is on track for full implementation by 2021. Magdalena Matusiak, head of data science and documentation services at KCR, shares three lessons learned so far.

PRA Health Sciences

PRA Health Sciences is a contract research organization that provides outsourced clinical development services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The company offers integrate services ranging from data management and statistical analysis to clinical trial management and medical writing.

It`s global operations span over 70 offices and 15800 employees worldwide. Its clients such as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and it has participate in more than three thousand clinical trials. Its clients have use PRA’s services to develop more than 75 medicines.

The company specializes in fast-tracking the development of new drugs by identifying diverse patient populations. They execute clinical trials, Phase I studies, and post-approval studies. The company’s mobile health platform, Health Harmony, allows physicians to connect with patients remotely and get in time insight from their data. In 2018, PRA acquired Care Innovations for $165 million, and PRA plans to use the acquisition to expand its mobile health platform and its virtual clinical research capabilities.

PRA and ICON share similar cultures and a common focus on high-quality, efficient clinical trial execution. The combine business will be the number one or two clinical CRO in key market segments, with strategic partnerships with more than 20 bio-pharmaceutical companies.

The combine company will have a global footprint, extensive therapeutic expertise, and functional talent, and will be an innovative partner to bio-pharma companies. PRA will also become a top player in the global contract research organization market.

PRA is a publicly trade company

As a result, certain directors and executive officers of PRA may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies. Their names appear in the annual report on Form 20-F and in the company’s proxy statement for the 2020 annual meeting of stockholders. You can obtain these documents for free.

PRA Health Sciences has a global footprint and provides clinical research and development services to the medical device and pharmaceutical companies. The deal will provide the combine company with greater scale and capabilities to accelerate the development of new treatments and therapies. It is headquarter in Dublin, Ireland.

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PPD is a clinical research organization that provides services worldwide to pharmaceutical companies, nonprofits, and governmental agencies. The organization has over three decades of experience in providing clinical research services. Cancer is the leading cause of death in the world, with an estimated one in every six people developing some form of cancer in their lifetime.

PPD’s broad range of laboratory and clinical services enables customers to accelerate innovation and increase their drug development productivity. The organization has a global presence and 26,000 associates across almost 50 countries. The PPD Clinical Research Organization is a leader in the growing $50 billion clinical research services market. It expects to generate revenues of approximately $4.7 billion in 2020 and will be merged with Thermo Fisher’s Laboratory Products and Services Segment.

Fisher Clinical Services

Whether it’s packaging and distribution of clinical trials or establishing a clinical supply chain, Fisher Clinical Services has the expertise to help you meet the tightest deadlines. With an extensive network of partners, they are capable of meeting local needs and requirements and delivering quality and consistency for every study. Additionally, their highly qualified teams are knowledgeable about clinical trial management and regulations, and work with their partners at all stages of the supply chain.

In addition to its clinical supply chain management services, Fisher Clinical Services also provides high-quality drug packaging and labeling services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Its also packaging is designed to protect sensitive materials from light, oxygen, pressure, vibrations, and X-ray scanning. With years of experience, Fisher Clinical Services ensures the highest quality and reliability for all of its customers.

What Is a Clinical Research Organization?

Syneos Health

Syneos Health is a global clinical research organization that specializes in cardiovascular, endocrine, and central nervous systems research. It also offers services in bio-analytical services, clinical studies, consulting, and commercialization. Founded in 1996, Syneos has grown to more than 24,000 employees.

The company also offers career development through job-specific training and certification. It also provides opportunities for in-depth learning, leadership and recruitment, as well as opportunities to develop new intellectual property (IP).


Parexel International is a bio-pharmaceutical services company that performs clinical trials for pharmaceutical clients. These trials are designed to accelerate the drug approval process. Parexel works with pharmaceutical companies to provide clinical trials that are unbiased, reliable, and cost-effective. This company is located in the U.S. and has a diverse portfolio of drug trials.

The company was founded in 1995 and has since expanded internationally through acquisitions. In 1996, it acquired the Massachusetts-based Sitebase Clinical Systems, which added remote data-entry technology to speed up clinical trial data handling. It also acquired the French company Caspard Consultants, which built clinical trial monitoring and analysis capabilities. In addition, at last few years, it has grown to such as the California-based State and Federal Associates.

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