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What is a Graphic Design Firm? 

Graphic design is the art of conveying a rich and impactful message. A graphic designer mobilizes several artistic and aesthetic techniques.

This mode of communication is at the crossroads of art and craftsmanship. It is omnipresent in your daily life:

  • Advertisements, book covers, corporate brochures, and product packaging.
  • Infographics.
  • Signs and signage.
  • Apps and websites.

Without always being aware of it, you are immersed in graphics design firm. The talent of a graphic designer sometimes explains your attachment to a brand, a product, or an association.

What are the websites that allow them to find inspiration and know the trends of the year 2020 in terms of graphic design?

Are you looking for distance graphic design training?

Our selection of sites for graphic designers

The most addictive: Behance

It is difficult to resist giving in to the temptation of creating on Behance for some hours straight without giving in. This online platform functions as a genuine social network with a primary emphasis on creating content. It brings together several projects that were conceived in a wide variety of creative fields, all under one roof. This covers a wide range of disciplines, including graphic design, photography, the fine arts, and the design of digital projects.

The most polychrome: Pantone Canvas

Pantone Canvas was born from a partnership between the creative platform Behance and the color standard provider Pantone (the famous brand of color charts). This platform grants you the capacity to organize projects according to color, providing you with access to a Pantone color chart from which you are able to select the tone that best suits your taste. A comprehensive idea that gives you the ability to quickly find projects that are interesting to you.

The most intuitive: Dribbble

Dribbble is Behance’s main competitor. With its minimalist interface, this site is easy to use. They post their projects every day.

The most competitive: Awwwards

The concept of Awwwards is as simple as it is effective: highlighting web design projects. A jury (composed of designers, art directors, and developers) evaluates their quality to establish a prize list. This initiative offers a great showcase for design professionals.

Sharpest: AA13

AA13 is an interdisciplinary webzine. This blog is useful for setting up a digital watch of trends in graphic design.

The most contemporary: Abduzeedo

Abduzeedo is a blog dedicated to the profession of graphic design, to photography. The wealth of articles on the site reflects the authors’ excellent artistic and digital culture. A benchmark for trend analysis and commentary.

The artist: SPAMM

The site wants to be a true online digital museum. It presents an international selection of innovative and even avant-garde works.

The most eclectic: Inspiration Grid

Inspiration Grid is a very responsive online magazine. The articles cover a wide range of creative fields. We talk about the role of graphic and digital designers, typography, car design, fashion, and advertising. A veritable mine of information to follow trends in graphic design.

The most collaborative: Graphic Design Forum

Graphic Design Forum is, as its name suggests, a forum for novice or experienced graphic designers. It is user-friendly and seriously administered. Members use certain categories to post news.

Exchange with other professionals

This goes through :

  • The creation of a profile.
  • The evaluation of the projects is posted every day.
  • Posting comments on articles.

And why not put your graphic designer creations online if the site allows it? Frequenting these sites makes it possible to better understand the creation criteria for a graphic designer. Contrary to popular belief, you are not born a graphic or creative designer: you become one.

The logical continuation of your course is the choice of a diploma, innovative and professionalizing graphic and digital designer training.

Become a graphic designer training: the elements to know

These elements relate to courses, salary, or training follow-up.

Graphic design course

The courses place great emphasis on diversity and professional practices. We need to offer lively content, animated by qualified professionals and far from abstract Lectures.

Graphic design firm training

The training course for graphic designers that we provide at our business is segmented into several modules, and each student can move through the course at their own pace as they progress through the different parts of the curriculum. It is of the utmost importance to pay careful attention to the many different training courses that are provided on the subject of the graphic designer profession.

Tailor-made online graphic design training

The Artline Institute offers an online graphic design training course supervised by professionals in the field and oriented towards practice. With a graphic and digital designer bachelor’s degree, you acquire the skills, know-how, and knowledge necessary for any talented graphic designer.

Pursuing studies for a master’s degree in visual communication opens the doors to artistic direction and multimedia design.

By joining the Artline Institute, you give yourself the means to become your creative graphic designer.

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