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What is a slide packaging box? Types of box sleeve packaging

Many people may not have heard the name sliding packaging or box sleeve packaging. But as a matter of fact they are very popular and are being used in almost every industry. Even if we do not talk about industry, let us just take household as an example. In many domestic products, slide packaging is used. We can take the match box as an example.

Slide boxes are very famous because they are easy to use, they are simple and do not need any prolonged unboxing. So if you are trying to pack something which you will require any time soon. Then slide packaging is something you should go for. 

What is a slide packaging box?

Slide packaging box or sliding box is a type of packaging box in which you will have to slide out the main box. It will be like a drawer, where you have to use your finger to push the box out. It can hold anything, in the most common way you must have seen the stick matches. But there are many other products too that use the same boxing mechanism.

There are many types in the slide packaging, do not think that they are just available in only one shape and size. You can get them according to your requirements.

Custom sleeve wholesale boxes

The custom sleeve wholesale boxes are the best choice for everyone who wants to utilize the most out of the packaging type. You can get them in different dimensions, depending upon what type of your product is. 

Generally you have seen these boxes in smaller sizes, but that is no hard and fast rule. You can get them in big sizes. The tiny products such as edible candies, and match sticks, and other items such as jewelry are best examples for custom sleeve wholesale boxes.

These boxes are quite durable and very easy to use which is why people keep using these boxes even after they use their products. Some other example of the products you can use it for are;

  • CDs sliding box
  • USB boxes
  • Electronic items
  • Match boxes
  • Cosmetic products
  • And more!

The sliding box is also very good for advertising your brand; it has good print quality results. And on top of that you can make use of different advertising methods like brochures, writing ads, etc. 

They just produce the packaging box with good quality cardboard if you are planning on producing good quality advertisements.

Container with a Solid Wall Sliding

A circumferential edge runs around the closed sliding box’s hollow wall base. One of the two apertures is sealed by gluing two tabs together. The bottom half of the slider can now be entered from one side without slipping out the other.
There are various marketing advantages to using sliding boxes. Customized sliding packing boxes are used for a variety of products. These are substantial advantages.

Wholesale custom sleeve boxes are both affordable and durable. They provide you with more options in terms of using them. Of course, you can still get them for a reasonable price, especially if you buy in volume.

Types of box sleeve packaging

As I mentioned earlier you are not running out of box sleeve packaging. There are different types of box available and each type of box can be customized according to your needs. Let us find out some types of slide packaging boxes.

Inlay insert sliding box:

When paired with an inlay, sliding boxes are not only convenient but also excellent for fragile items. Thanks to bespoke inlays, even fragile or multi-part products arrive at their destination securely. 

Benefits of inlay insert:

  • It protects the products
  • Fragile items do not break like glass
  • It displays the items quite well
  • Custom inserts enhance the experience

You can use these boxes for;

  • Cosmetic 
  • Writing set
  • Multi-part set
  • Bottle and glasses set
  • Edible candies like chocolate

Closed Sliding Container with a Solid Wall:

The base of the closed sliding box’s hollow wall features a circumferential edge. The slider is adhered to the long side once. 

One of the two apertures is sealed by gluing together two tabs. Now, the lower portion may be placed into the slider from one side without slipping out the other.

Benefits of open sliding box with cavity wall:

  • You can open the box from both sides
  • Best way to market your brand
  • Easy to use
  • Durable

Benefits of using slide packaging boxes

There are many marketing benefits you can have when you use a sliding box. For many products custom slide packaging boxes are used. These are some major benefits.


Custom sleeve wholesale boxes are very affordable and durable. They extend your flexibility as to how you want to use them. Still you can get them for a decent price, especially when you purchase them at a wholesale rate. 


Slide packaging boxes are very good for marketing purposes; they allow you to print your logo and other important information in good quality. But you also need to have good quality cardboard for that. But you always get the option to market your products in a better way.

Attractive design:

Box sleeve packaging boxes are also good in outlook. You can change their shape according to the products you have. This is why even delicate products brands are using them too. Because they have style, they are easy to use and you can attract more clients.


Can I get slide packaging boxes for delicate items?

Yes, there are many brands in the market that are already using the sliding boxes for delicate items, like jewelry, cosmetics and glassware.

Are these boxes affordable?

These boxes are quite affordable, but you will enjoy the rate even more if you purchase them in bulk. For that, we recommend you buy them from the wholesaler dealer.

What box type should I buy?

You should buy a box that goes well with your product. You need to know the dimension of your product, and then you should know the type of your product. Also you should know how you want to market your brand or product, based on that you can select any type that suits your product..

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