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What is Employee Engagement and Why is it Important?

Employee engagement means that team members are motivated, enthusiastic, and motivated to drive work forward every day. It can’t be faked – empty smiles and hypocrisy don’t translate into team wins and stellar results. Unfortunately, only one in five employees say they are very dedicated and plan to stay with their company for the long term. 

Let’s take a look at all the reasons why engagement is an important part of the employee experience, and how your organization can start to drive employee engagement.

Importance and benefits of engagement:

Employee engagement has many benefits, from more satisfied customers to increased revenue.

  1. Customer satisfaction:

Customers can tell the difference between an engaged workforce and a time-only workforce. Research shows that employee engagement is closely associated with increased customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a customer service rep who goes to great lengths to solve a frustrating problem, a sales professional who anticipates every customer’s every need, or just an enthusiastic attitude every time. When you call, engaged employees mean happier customers.

  1. Workplace safety:

One of the most important benefits of employee engagement is its impact on safety. Gallup found that organizations that ranked in the top quarter for engagement had 70 fewer security incidents than organizations in the last quarter. Engaged employees will always pay attention to the little things big or small that can make the difference between a serene workday and a work-related accident. And they will make sure others do the same.

  1. Employee performance:

Engaged employees perform better, no matter what they think. Research shows that organizations with engaged employees are up to 202% better than their counterparts. When your team is motivated, they not only give their best on every task but also actively seek out the information and resources they need to succeed. If not, they will do what they need to do and check if the result is successful.

  1. Employee morale:

If you’re motivated to do your job well, you’re more likely to appreciate it. After all, spending hours every day doing something you don’t believe in is amazingly demoralizing. But performing tasks that you find meaningful can lead to more satisfaction both at work and at home. This will likely lead to better employee retention efforts and morale.

  1. Employee retention:

Retaining the best talent is never easy, even when the job market is tight. But boosting employee engagement can be helpful. Engaged employees are less likely to find work. When you find your work interesting and motivating, the lawn over there doesn’t look so green.

  1. Profitability:

Profits from engaged employees are reflected in your bottom line: highly engaged business units are 21% more profitable. An engaged workforce attracts new customers, keeps existing customers happy, and inspires teammates to new heights. And the cost of a laid-off workforce is also significant: layoffs cost the US economy up to $550 billion a year.

  1. Employee wellness

Happiness encompasses everything that leads to a healthy and fit workforce. Practices such as mindfulness, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence are essential for mental health and encourage fitness and other healthy habits that improve physical well-being. The fatigue effect of breaks has an impact on morale, so keeping employees motivated and engaged is an important part of supporting mental health.

Building employee engagement

What’s the secret to engaged employees? Start by focusing on these two drivers of engagement and you’ll be well on your way.

Give employees a voice

Employees want to be heard. If an organization doesn’t want to demonstrate its investment in their success by listening to their concerns and acting on them, why should they invest their energy in the business? ? And if you don’t know why employees leave, how can you change how they feel? 

Sixty-four percent of HR executives agree that a continuous feedback tool is necessary for any successful engagement listening program, but only 20% have one. Use an employee engagement solution that includes a combination of impulse surveys and a continuous feedback channel to monitor employee sentiment and respond to issues in real-time. When an investigation reveals that an issue is contributing to abandonment – or that it could affect engagement as a whole – your manager can easily obtain relevant data, present it to their team and begin to develop a plan for collaborative action to solve the problem.

Recognize your workforce

Employees want to hear that what they do is important and that their work is appreciated. It’s hard for a team member to stay motivated and continue to put in an extraordinary effort when no one seems to notice – or worse when everyone else is being recognized and they aren’t. Recognition has a larger impact on employee engagement than any other factor, and organizations with a culture of high recognition are likely to see improved employee engagement 2.5 times higher. 

A successful accreditation program has two components: social recognition and monetary recognition. Social recognition ranges from a quick thank you to a public call at an organization-wide meeting, while monetary recognition should come in the form of a points-based rewards system. . Employees can then redeem those points for rewards they really want, creating a much more meaningful experience than receiving a one-size-fits-all t-shirt or mug. Look for an employee recognition platform that facilitates social recognition and exciting bonus points accumulation.

Engage your workforce with Achievers

The right tools make all the difference when you’re trying to drive engagement. You need to engage, understand, and act on employee feedback, and it needs to be easily recognized by everyone in your business. 

Achievers Listen and Achievers Reconnaître is the integrated employee experience solution you’ve been looking for. Achievers Listen makes it easy to track and review employee feedback with impulse surveys, intuitive reporting and analysis tools, and guidance to help managers respond effectively to results. . Achievers Recognize allows all team members to express appreciation from anywhere with an internet connection, and includes a point-based rewards system backed by a catalog filled with products and experiences of that favorite staff.

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