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What is Fantasy Cricket? Learn How to Play and Win

The crashes caused by the pandemic could not have been the same without fantasy sports websites. Fantasy sports platforms kept people interested as social isolation was imposed on everyone and they were required to stay within the walls of their homes. According to a joint study published by KPMG and FIFS, Indian fantasy sports platforms saw a 3x increase in revenue by 2020. While you can play soccer, hockey, kabaddi and many other games on the platform, cricket was the only sport that remained and has conquered the fantasy sport world in India.

In India, there is no shortage of cricket fans as this enthusiasm for the sport has led to fantasy app cricket becoming very popular. If you are a fan of cricket, you can download the best fantasy app from Fantasy Dangal and start playing with different teams on the internet.

What is fantasy cricket all about?

If you are new to the fantasy world of cricket, you are probably thinking about what it is. In simple terms, it is an online game that is part of the fantasy sports genre. It is a game where players can build their team online from real world cricketers. Points are awarded according to the performance. It is possible to play the fantasy cricket app on your phone, laptop or tablet to start playing.

Create your dream cricket team

Unlike the real life match, players can build their virtual cricket team by selecting twenty-two and 25 players. When building your team, be sure to stick to the format and performance of your players that you are planning to include on your team. Don’t choose the players you like. Rather, select those that perform at a high level and will allow you to score points and beat other players on the internet.

Also, when building your team, be sure to read your presentation report. There are three types of cricket grounds, namely dusty, grassy, ​​and dead. While a dead surface favors hitters because it is dry and has no grass, green fields are ideal for sewing bowlers to show off their skills and abilities. Therefore, you should select your players based on the field report of the match in which you have decided to play.

Another crucial aspect to consider in team selection of the best players to lead the team. According to the rules of fantasy cricket, the points will be multiplied by 2, and vice captain’s points will be multiplied by 1.5.

Fantasy cricket team

The success of your team will depend on the type of players you have chosen to play on your team. For example, many people choose the best bowlers and hitters for their team, but forget about the all-rounders. It is not an error. All-rounders are great players who can weave magic with their bats as well as the ball. They could even summon your team to score hugely with their incredible fielding skills. So it’s ideal for your team to pick the best bowlers, hitters, and off-roaders. The off-roaders will contribute to the success of your team when batting and bowling.

Once you’ve set up your dream cricket team, here are some additional suggestions to help you win the game and make your team more successful.

    • Choose matches based on your level of skill in fantasy cricket: you’ll be able to play skill-based games. You can opt to play ODIs as well as T20s. When you open the drop-down menu in your app for fantasy cricket, there are categories such as the upcoming and current cricket matches. The current games are open for users to participate in, and you can play them right now. The next matches aren’t available for participation by users. However, you will be able to get all the information. If you’re new to fantasy app, you could opt to play in a forthcoming match once it is open for participation. Make use of the opportunity to conduct your research on the conditions of the field, the players’ performance and form, and the weather conditions. There are a variety of contests and leagues you can take part in based on your experience and capabilities.
    • Make multiple teams: you can make multiple teams to improve the chances of your team’s success. While maintaining the same core group of 4 to 5 players for all your teams, you can change the players to see the combination that works best.
    • Reshuffle the batting order: When you click on the button to join any contest or league, you must set the batting order. This is counted serially from top to bottom. But, once the toss is completed and the team’s batting order is revealed, the order for the team playing to be announced, and you’ll have some time to reshuffle your batting line-up or switch a player in case you believe it will improve the odds of winning for your team.

This is why we have a few tricks for playing fantasy cricket and guiding your team to victory. It would be best if you also improved your understanding of the rules of cricket, as fantasy cricket is the digital recreation of a real-life sport. Keep track of the latest cricket news and keep up to date on player details. If you’re participating in matches, you need to be sure, and you must trust your gut when you have to make difficult decisions.

What are you to be waiting for? All you need to download the best fantasy cricket app and begin playing with your family or friends. You can also join with other players online all over the world.


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