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What Is Website Dwell Time and How to Boost It in 2022?

A brand’s website is crucial to its success. It serves as a brand’s portfolio from the perspective of the consumer. We frequently Google a brand to find its website when we want to learn more about it. Finding out what the brand provides or whether it lives up to our expectations of a brand worth investing in is our main objective.

Therefore, it should go without saying that planning a website with SEO in Malaysia is crucial. But the fundamental query is: What are the salient characteristics of a successful website? The quick response is: bounce rates and average user dwell time.

Your website has to include something that will keep users’ interest in this quick-paced world where people expect things to happen quickly—otherwise, they could leave without even giving it a second look. All of these elements contribute to decreased stay time and greater bounce rates.

Let’s get into more depth about this below:

Bounce Rates Vs Dwell Time

Website dwell time measures the average amount of time a visitor stays on your site, whereas bounce rate measures the percentage of visitors that came to your site but left right away.

Now, for a website owner, these factors are extremely important when gauging the effectiveness of the website. Your website visitors will stay on your site longer to examine the material if you provide them with something interesting and worth their time.

They tend to exit a website fast if they think it is taking too long to load or that the information is not original. Occasionally, even without fully exploring the webpage. How does a website owner handle all of this, then?

Including interesting aspects is one method to increase the time people spend on your website. Eventually, the bounce rate will go down.

Common Misconceptions Regarding Website Dwell Time:

There is a stunning amount of erroneous dwell duration data accessible. Dwell time is commonly misinterpreted and clubbed with other measurements that are completely unrelated.

Before continuing, let’s define a few things that dwell time is not. Please keep in mind that the search engine uses dwell time as a measure. This article focuses on how long users remain on results after clicking them and how long they stay there before returning to the SERP.

The Average Time Spent on a Page Has Not Dwelled Time:

Average time on page and dwell time have occasionally been used interchangeably.

However, the average time on a page is just that – the typical length of time a visitor spends on one of your sites. This person could have arrived at that page via social media, an email, a link on another website, or any other channel.

Dwell Time Is Not the Length of a Session:

What about session length? Not dwell time either.

The session length meter counts the number of minutes a visitor stays on your website. A user’s session cannot finish on the same search results page if it didn’t start with a search.

Dwell Time Is Not a Measure of Clickthrough Rate:

The proportion of users that clicked on the link to your website from all of the users who viewed that SERP is known as your organic search click-through rate.

This is frequently misunderstood or combined with dwell time. It shouldn’t, though. Dwell time does not consider the proportion of searchers who click; it only considers what occurs after the click.

How Can You Increase the Dwell Time on Your Website in 2022?

Dwell-worthy content creation:

Dwell-worthy material may take many different forms. It’s crucial to provide website visitors with a cause to stay on your page for a while. To encourage your website visitors to pause and learn something new, you may include educational content on your websites like the most recent news, popular themes, and instructional or how-to blogs.

It’s a smart move to include an RSS feed on your website since it compiles the most recent material for you in one location. For your website visitors to relate, be sure to pick themes that are related to your website. So, check out SEO Malaysia price today and get it done by the top SEO specialist.

Instagram Wall Embed:

As is well known, Instagram is capturing the attention of a lot of online users with its vivid and fascinating content. Because of this, its monthly user numbers are in the billions, and its dwell times are infinite. We’ve all logged into Instagram and browsed the feed or Reels for hours on end. Now, as a website owner, this presents a fantastic chance to profit.

A simple technology called an Instagram wall allows website owners to gather their favorite Instagram material, organize it, and display it on their website. You don’t need to know how to code to integrate Instagram’s social wall functionalities. The tool’s responsiveness is its finest feature.

So your website visitors can easily use the Instagram hashtag wall experience on your website whether they are using their smartphones, tablets, or PCs. Did we mention how much it may increase website stay time and greatly enhance your Instagram presence?

Speed Up the Website:

People want things to be simpler and faster in the 2022 age, as we already indicated. The speed and loading time of your website is essential if you don’t want your visitors to get distracted and leave, regardless of how much activity you encourage on it. In actuality, more than 50% of users abandon a page that loads more slowly than three seconds.

Our recommendation is to pick widgets and tools for your website that are accessible and responsive. There are several solutions available that may help you speed up your website and instantly stand out from the competition.

User-Generated Content Should Be Included:

User-generated content (UGC) is the material that your audience or clients provide for you. It might be a fan, a following, or a regular client who has posted anything on social media, such as a picture, a video, or a tweet, or who has written a review on one of your review sites, such as Google Business Profile, Yelp, or Facebook Reviews. UGC is trusted by millennials 50% more than brand-created original material. Why not display this sort of material on your website to increase its credibility?

Branded content and brand-generated material are frequently shown on a brand’s website. But gaining the support of your audience for your brand is crucial to building a strong reputation. It quickly establishes confidence and demonstrates that visiting your website might be valuable.

Increase Your Responsive Video Content:

Your website’s engagement rate may be greatly increased by including responsive and interesting video content. 98 percent of marketers predict that video will be crucial to marketing in 2022. Videos typically last between 30 and 60 seconds. Your website visitors are automatically attracted and spend more time on it when you add an interesting video to it.

Make sure you can add responsive video streams with the program you use to embed the videos on your website. As a result, viewers of your website may effortlessly watch the videos there while using a smartphone or other mobile device.


As a result, we’ve just demonstrated several techniques to intentionally increase website stay time.

One thing is certain: You’ll keep your website visitors interested for longer, whether you choose to simply create dwell-worthy website content, embed an engaging Instagram wall, increase your website speed, bring transparency to your website with user-generated content, add pertinent links and videos, or do all of the above.

Therefore, use these concepts in your website visitors’ experience approach and observe how the stay duration increases.

There is no one action you can do to increase dwell duration. However, there could be times when taking a certain action has an effect.

Here, the emphasis is on enhancing the user experience as a whole and providing helpful material on your sites.

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