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What size to choose for a TV stand with drawers?

Choosing your TV stand with drawers cannot be improvised. This piece of furniture should be chosen carefully. Beyond price and style, a TV cabinet must above all prove practical in everyday life. To equip yourself well and watch television comfortably, be sure to opt for a piece of furniture with the right dimensions. Tall TV stand, low TV stand, wall-mounted TV stand: there are many categories of TV stands with drawers on the market. To buy the right product, you are probably wondering what is the right size for a TV stand? Width, length, depth, height, our buying guide gives you all the keys to finding the right size TV stand with drawers.

Adapt the size of the TV stand with drawers to your living room

Beyond style, price, color and material, a TV stand with drawers should above all be practical. The centerpiece of the living room, the TV cabinet with drawers must be:

– Solid: the first role of a TV stand is to provide a reliable support for your television screen. Wood and metal are two materials that provide you with greater stability. Design level, you can mix the materials for a modern side.
– At the right size: this is a key criterion to take into account to avoid ending up with a piece of furniture that is either too big or too small.

The size of your TV cabinet should match the size of your living room. A mini TV stand will look tiny in a large living room, while a large TV stand will be too massive for a small room.

What size TV cabinet with drawers according to my interior?

  • A low TV cabinet: ideal in small rooms to avoid cluttering the place. To enlarge the space, opt for a light-coloured piece of furniture, preferably white.
  • A high TV cabinet: designed for spacious living rooms and rooms with high ceilings
  • A wall-mounted or suspended TV unit: this minimalist model has the advantage of not taking up space on the floor, depending on the options, it can be adjustable or tiltable
  • A long TV cabinet: this model is more suitable for a rather spacious living room, it has the advantage of offering additional storage space.

The tip of the pro: the harmony of an interior decoration is also a matter of perspectives and volumes. Your TV cabinet should easily fit into a living room space, but also match the other furniture in your living room. If you only have opulent solid oak furniture, for example (chests of drawers, wooden cupboards), a small metal TV stand with drawers will seem disproportionate.

What dimensions for a TV stand with drawers?

It is essential to measure the space available in your living room to install your TV stand.

Here are some guidelines to help you find your way around the dimensions of a TV stand with drawers:

width/depth Length Height
30 cm: for small rooms Always superior to that of the screen
From 1 meter to 1.80 m: to dress up a large living room
Between 30 cm and 100 cm from the ground
40 cm to 50 cm: standard dimensions
60 cm: for spacious rooms

A rule of thumb for length: your TV stand should always be longer than your screen to provide stable enough support. Due to the generalization of flat screens, the width of TV cabinets has been considerably reduced. Indeed, you no longer need a large surface to install your television.

TV stand with drawers: provide sufficient space

Designed to place the television, many TV cabinets are also equipped with ergonomic storage spaces. Far from being confined to being a simple wooden table serving as a support, the TV cabinet often includes 1 or more drawers, or cupboards. These compartments are very practical on a daily basis to hide TV and sound accessories such as cables or speakers or other digital devices. For this type of product, consider providing sufficient space in front of the TV bench to easily operate the cupboard doors or drawers. Their opening must not obstruct the passage.

An LED TV cabinet includes a lighting system, emanating either from an open shelf or from the top, for example. This type of furniture with light included allows good visibility to adjust your television for example during a cinema projection. A white TV cabinet with LED technology is perfect for a design and trendy atmosphere. Do you need more storage? The shelf TV cabinet in which the television is nestled is a good option.

TV stand with drawers: how far from the sofa or armchair?

To choose the right size for your TV cabinet with drawers, also take into account the maximum distance between your seat for watching TV (sofa or armchair) and the screen. Depending on the definition of the image (HD, Full HD or Ultra HD) and the size of the screen (measured in inches), the distance from the television must be between 2 meters for optimal visual comfort and must not exceed 5 meters to be able to distinguish the screen effortlessly. Depending on the size of the room, the width of your TV cabinet must therefore be adapted.

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