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Year-End Tip: Copying Your Sage 50 Company Data vs Archiving

Since Sage 50/Peachtree permits you to have two years open, this is the season when a great many people close out the earlier year so they will be all set for the following year. Despite the fact that most reports can be run for shut years, it’s smart to make a duplicate of your Sage 50/Peachtree organization document prior to shutting the year. There are two different ways you can do that. You can make a duplicate of your organization and rename it, or you can utilize the Archive include.


Sage 50 Premium and Quantum have a document highlight. It makes a read-just duplicate of your organization. You can make a chronicle whenever by going to the File menu and picking Archive Company. Or on the other hand, during the Year End Wizard you are additionally given the choice to make a chronicle. One way or the other, you will be incited for a file name. This is only a name to distinguish it in the rundown of files. The framework will naturally fill in “Document” trailed by the date yet you can transform it to something more engaging on the off chance that you need to. Then click the Archive button and stand by while it duplicates your information.

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Things you want to be familiar with files:

They are perused just – That is critical for several reasons. To start with, you never don’t know whether it has been modified. You realize that it will constantly be an ideal preview of your books at that point. Second, since it is perused no one but, you can’t rely on this as a reinforcement. It is basically impossible to reestablish the file duplicate to an editable state.

You get to it from inside your ordinary organization – Archives don’t appear in the normal “Open Company” window. To get to a document, begin by opening your normal organization, then go to the File menu and pick Open Archived Company. Click OK at the message “This will close the ongoing organization.” Then pick your document from the rundown. At the point when you need to return to your standard organization document, open the File menu and pick Open Company or Open Previous Company.

Passwords and consent will match the normal organization – If you change passwords or client authorizations in your customary organization, those changes are consequently imitated in your chronicle organizations.


Before the chronicle highlight was added, individuals would make a duplicate of their organization document at year end. Since Sage 50 Pro and Complete don’t offer documenting, this is as yet their main choice.

The most straightforward method for duplicating your organization is to make and reestablish a reinforcement. Open the organization you need to duplicate, go to the File menu and pick Backup. When the “Save In” window opens, you can acknowledge the default name and area or pick your own. On the off chance that you don’t utilize the defaults, ensure you know where to find the record later. Click Save. At the point when your reinforcement finishes, go to the File menu once more and pick Restore. In the Location field, ensure it has chosen the reinforcement you recently made. In the event that it not, click the Browse button to find the right reinforcement record. When you have the right reinforcement record chosen, click the Next button. In the following window, make certain to pick Create another organization utilizing the reestablished information. That advises Sage 50 to reestablish this record to another envelope, which makes another organization that is indistinguishable from the one you just supported up. (In the event that you are utilizing an old variant that doesn’t have this choice, you should make a new, void organization and reestablish over that organization.) Click Next to get to the Restore Options. Select the choice for Company Data and, assuming you use it, select Intelligence Reporting Reports. Click Finish at the affirmation window.

At the point when it completes the process of reestablishing you will be in the new organization. Go to the Maintain menu and pick Company Information. Add the year to the start of the organization name so you can differentiate it from your normal organization. Click OK to save the change. To return to your ordinary organization, go to the File menu and pick Open Company. You ought to see both your normal organization and the new renamed organization in the rundown.

Things you want to be familiar with duplicated organizations:

They are not perused just – The beneficial thing about this is all there is to it implies a duplicated organization can act as a reinforcement. Furthermore, assuming you find that for reasons unknown you really want to roll out an improvement to it (this would be unprecedented) you can. The drawback is that somebody could make changes to this organization when they shouldn’t.

They appear in your ordinary organization list – You don’t need to recall an alternate technique for opening a replicated organization since you open it the same way you would some other organization record. That likewise intends that, after some time, your organization rundown can get jumbled.

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Passwords and consents are not connected to your normal organization – If you change passwords or add/eliminate clients in your customary organization record, the duplicate will be unaffected by the change. So be mindful so as to ensure you know the passwords for your yearly duplicates, or update them simultaneously you update your normal organization. The positive part of this is that you can set clients to “view-as it were” authorizations in the replicated organization to keep individuals from unintentionally entering information in some unacceptable organization.

For any remaining adaptations of Peachtree, you can utilize the cycle that everybody utilized before the Archive highlight was presented. All you do is make a reinforcement, reestablish it to another organization, and afterward rename it. Here are the means in more detail.

  • Open the File menu and pick Backup.
  • Check the Include organization name in the reinforcement document name box assuming you need, and snap the Backup button.
  • Make note of the document name and area and snap the Save button. Assuming you would like, you can change the document name and area first.
  • After the reinforcement finishes, go to the File menu and pick Restore.
  • Click the peruse button and find the reinforcement that you recently made and click Next. (Peachtree for the most part recalls the last reinforcement name, so it might currently be chosen)
  • Pick the choice “A New Company”. Assuming you leave this setting on “An Existing Company” the organization that is presently open will be supplanted by the information in the reinforcement! Assuming you are on an old rendition of Peachtree you won’t have the New Company choice. You should drop the reestablish, make another unfilled organization (the organization name is the main setting you really want to enter) and afterward reestablish the reinforcement you made over the new vacant organization.
  • At Restore Options really look at just Company Data and snap Next.
  • When the reestablish is done you will be in the new organization. The last advance is to change the organization name so you can distinguish it from your customary organization. Go to the Maintain menu and pick Company Information. Toward the start of the organization name, enter the year that you are documenting, and click OK.
  • In the event that you are on Peachtree Complete, another discretionary, yet prescribed advance is to change every client’s security settings to “View Only” to forestall coincidental changes to your chronicle (Maintain – Users).

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