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3+ Facebook Feed Plugins for WordPress You Can Use

According to Kinsta, WordPress powers 43.3% of the website, with a 65.1% share in the CMS market. So if your website falls under the categories mentioned above, this blog is just for you. So read till the end because this blog is all you need. We all can agree that merely having an online website isn’t enough in this competitive environment. One needs to have some added functionality or charm that attracts more traffic and makes the website stand out from the rest. And this is where Facebook feed plugins for WordPress come to the rescue.

WordPress currently has more than 59,000 free plugins in its store. And here, we will be discussing a few best-rated plugins that help you to embed your Facebook feed on WordPress websites.

We all know that Facebook has ample content on the platform and has a lot of variation. By adding this content to your WordPress website, you can surely upgrade your website for better performance.

So without any further ado, let’s learn about them.

The Best Facebook Feed Plugins for WordPress That You Cannot Afford To Ignore

As mentioned, there are ample plugins on the WordPress plugin store that help you to improve the charm and functionality of the website. And you can find various plugins that enable you to embed Facebook feeds on WordPress, but for your comfort, we have handpicked some of the best from the lot. You can find these plugins with ease and operate them without any hassle.

1. Facebook Feed WordPress Plugin by Tagembed

facebook feed– WordPress plugin

Tagembed is a well-known and powerful social media aggregator tool that has made for itself. Easy to use, amazing features and budget-friendly pricing plans are the factors that make it stand out from the rest.

Facebook feed by Tagembed is an excellent WordPress plugin that allows users to collect Facebook feed from their desired source. Allows them to curate and customize the collected feed and helps in displaying them on the WordPress website. You can easily embed Facebook feed on WordPress and create an everlasting impression on your visitors by following some steps.

Alongside Facebook, the plugin is also compatible with 18+ other social media platforms, allowing you a wide range of content to showcase on the website. Moreover, the plugin also offers some useful features that add great value to it and make it an ideal plugin. The features include:

  • Customization feature – This allows users to personalize their widgets as per their needs. To make the widget visually appealing, they can change the font size, font style, widget color, and more. Also, it provides various themes and layouts as options to choose the one that best suits their style.
  • Moderation – The moderation feature allows you to remove the content you think is irrelevant to your website. You can either remove them manually or choose for profanity filter that removes the content automatically and consists of provided keywords.
  • Responsive widget – Automatically adjusts itself as per screen resolution without affecting the website alignments.
  • Autoupdates – As soon as the content uploads to the source, the widget displays it automatically.
  • Custom CSS, custom CTA, analytics, and more

2. Flow-Flow Social Stream by Looks Awesome

Flow-Flow Social Feed Streams

Flow-Flow social stream by Looks Awesome is next on our list. Allowing you to integrate your WordPress website with 4 major social media platforms, including Facebook, stands as one of the best Facebook feed plugins on the WordPress store.

You can find it with ease, and with its coding-free embedding solution, you can easily embed the Facebook widget on your website and display your Facebook feed on WordPress with ease. Like the other plugins, it also has some notable features.

  • Customization – You can make desired modifications to the widget to make it look more charming. You can even match the look and feel of your website and make your website look more pleasing to the eye.
  • Smart loading – the feeds provide the update without affecting the website speed.
  • Rich design setting – you can choose the appropriate design for your widget to catch the attention of visitors.

3. Social Feed Plugin by Web-settler

Social Feed by Web-Settler

Last but not least – the Social Feed plugin by Web-settler. It is an excellent and easy-to-use plugin that helps you collect, curate, and display Facebook feeds on the website. Like the plugins mentioned above, other than Facebook, it is compatible with various other social media platforms, allowing you to showcase varied content on websites.

The plugin equips you with the Facebook widget, which enables you to showcase Facebook feeds and helps you improve the engagement value of your website. Facebook content has the potential to hold visitors on the website as it improves their browsing experience. And these are some highlighted features this plugin provides;

  • Predesigned themes – the plugin provides 4 pre-designed these that you can choose from
  • Customization – You can customize the widget to improve the website’s allure and attract more visitors.
  • Google fonts, compatibility, and more.

Mind-Blowing Advantages of Using The Facebook Feed Plugin For WordPress

If you are still not convinced about embedding Facebook feeds on WordPress, then here are some of the handpicked advantages of this strategy that might convince you to adopt it.

  • Facebook feed on the website improves the overall look and feel of the website
  • It makes the website more engaging
  • Increases website traffic
  • Reduces bounce rate
  • Provides social proof to the visitors
  • Boosts user-generated content related to your brand on the platform
  • Improves the Facebook strength and profile awareness
  • And more

Various other benefits are associated with this strategy, and you can discover them when you embed a Facebook feed on the website. The benefits mentioned above, are handpicked as per the current market scenario and might help get brand recognition.

You might have noticed that many brands have a dedicated Facebook widget on WordPress website. These Facebook widgets are like the functional block on a website that seamlessly displays a Facebook feed on your website.

There are ample plugins that equip you with a Facebook widget and also provide an easy embedding process so that you can easily showcase your Facebook feed on the WordPress website. And in this blog, we have mentioned the top-rated Facebook feed WordPress plugins, which can be a game-changer for your business.

Over to You

There you have it; these are 3 top-rated Facebook feed WordPress plugins present on the store that enables you to embed your Facebook feed on WordPress. These plugins provide some added functionality and have some more features other than we mentioned.

So what are you waiting for?

Try these plugins now, discover all the features, and make your website stand out from the crowd.

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