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6 Steps to Getting Ready for Legal Translation in Dubai

When it comes to translating or editing materials, Legal Translation in Dubai takes considerable care. Because even a minor error in contract translation, such as adding a comma in the wrong place, leaves the text open to many interpretations, resulting in legal issues.

In this post, we’ll discuss what legal translation is, why working with specialists in the area is crucial, and how you may create a guide to help you prepare for legal translation.

What is the definition of legal translation?

Each society’s legal norms are based on its cultural and historical traits.

As a result, legal systems and legal laws may change from nation to country or society to society, as well as possess certain distinct notions and characteristics. As a result, transferring objective legal standards and legal terminology to the target language through translation has considerable challenges. Legal Translation in Dubai necessitates specialization since it imposes legal duties on both the LSP and the translator. As a result, legal translation necessitates specialized training in the topic and in the legal area, or at the very least above-average understanding. The following are some examples of legal papers that have been translated:

  • Notarized Documents: Certified legal translation is required. Sworn translators interpret documents that have been approved by a notary and then submitted to official entities. Examples of such texts are birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, licensing paperwork, and marriage certificates.
  • Court Judgments: Legal translation is also utilized in the translation of the court’s decisions and requirements.
  • Patent Procedures: A patent is the right granted to the creator to utilize and spread his or her creation. These documents must be translated by legal document translation services in order to be valid in other countries.

Legal language has its own structure and vocabulary that is not utilized in normal conversation. As a result, legal word translation is a research project in and of itself.

These characteristics are studied in the following categories:

  • Sentences that are long and complicated
  • Sentence constructions that are unusual,
  • Sentence constructions that are impersonal and passive,
  • Use of ambiguous wording
  • The usage of archaic language
  • Newly coined terms,
  • Using words with meanings that aren’t obvious
  • By combining synonyms,
  • Time, as defined by the law
  • Technical jargon
  • Formality.

Here are 5 essential stages preparing for Legal Translation in Dubai:

1- Gain a thorough understanding of the document and its purpose.

Legal documents are among the writings having exceptionally rich substance to analyze, in addition to being unusual in style. Because legal studies have the capacity to directly influence the rights and freedoms of both persons and businesses, Legal Translation in Dubai should be error-free. It is the duty of the legal translation services if there is a mistake in the document or content.

As a result, legal translations of official documents should scrutinize more closely. If the customer does not request it, no additions, deletions, or modifications to the legal wording should made. Legal document translations must also notarize and stamped to be valid because they present to official entities.

2- Research the Constitution, Laws, and Codes of the target country.

The degree of knowledge had by a translator in several domains such as law, economy, medical, international relations, history, education, literature, and art determines their success in translation. For example, a translator’s command of general knowledge and terminology in both the source and destination languages, in addition to their expertise and abilities, plays a significant impact in the quality of professional legal translation services.

As a lawyer who knows a foreign language, the translator who will do a legal translation should be familiar with the target tongue’s legal system and legal vocabulary. As a sociologist, you should research the culture, lifestyle, and history of the nations where the target language speakes.

Distinct legal systems employ different concepts, institutions, and phrases, which causes difficulties when translating them to the target language during translation. It’s possible that a notion doesn’t exist in the target language, or that it’s utilize with a different meaning and purpose. This inhibits the complete and accurate transmission of that notion to the target language, resulting in misunderstanding between the translator and the audience.

3- Make use of reference materials

The basic guideline of “having complete command of both the source and target languages” applies to all types of translation, including legal document translation. Legal documents, in comparison to other forms of literature, are typically compose of long and complicate phrases. It’s even conceivable to come across writings with 15 lines in a single phrase. In such circumstances, the translator examines the meaning of the source material, conducts the required research, and then begins the process of translating it to the target language in the most intelligible manner possible.

You should examine dictionaries, reference papers, and other Translation in Dubai on the same subject during this procedure. Reading reference papers may also serve as a guide for smoother translation and deeper investigation prior to beginning the translation.

4- Double-check that you’re using the right specifications.

The tone and flow of legal translations should be consistent throughout the text. Because translation is such a distinct profession, you should be as objective and faithful to the original text as possible. Legal translation services that have skill in legal translations pay attention to the following issues since they understand the formality of the practice:

  • No comments are permit; the message in the source language is translate into the target language unchange.
  • The terminology and phrases used in the legal profession should be particular to that field.
  • The translator should provide high-quality translations while being aware of their legal obligations.
  • A translator working in the field of law should well-verse in the legal systems of other nations, and in instances where the legal principles in the two languages do not coincide, the translator should conduct research to find out.
  • Legal translations, like literary translations, need a significant amount of cultural accumulation.
  • Legal translations often need prior experience.
  • Translations must be complete objectively.
  • Translations should do with the idea of fairness in mind.

5- Take Advantage of the Benefits of Translation Memory Systems

Bukhari Translation in Dubai is a company from which all specialists may have access to term banks and translation memory. You may automatically translate words, phrases, or even sentences that arise in your source material if you have already translated and recorded them. This will significantly reduce your burden.

At Bukhari Translation in Dubai, we produce precise translations while maintaining document integrity with the highest care. We collaborate with legal translation professionals as translators, editors, and proofreaders. To obtain the best Legal Translation in Dubai, please contact us.

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