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8 Health and Financial Benefits of Marriage

Since marriage is one of the most significant parts of life, why not talk about the health and financial benefits of marriage? A new study suggests that a pleasant marriage is good for your health- and that a bad one can cause a heart attack. Being single or cohabiting seems to be the new norm with the times changing. The times when people married in their early twenties are long gone. The societal pressure of getting married is undoubtedly a blessing. But, there is more than one reason why getting married is not such a wrong decision.

In this article, we’ll discuss marriage’s advantages so you can decide for yourself! Marriage is a lifelong bond, and before getting into this bond, we all must carefully evaluate the advantage and disadvantages of marriage before making the decision. To help you make the best decision about your future, we have listed some of marriage’s health and financial benefits below.

  1. Experience an exciting life together

There is nothing like a good, healthy marriage. It is needless to say that honeymoons are much more fun for married couples. Getting married opens up a whole new world for the couple, where they discover a hundred new things every day together. Your first overseas trip, day-long trek or a long journey, the day you buy your house or a new car– you want all these to experience with your love, don’t you? Additionally, marriage lowers the risk of domestic violence.

  1. Better Mental Health

Everyone wants to share their journey with a perfect life partner who will share views and beliefs and support them in times of weal and woe of life. Marriage helps the couples stay away from depression, anxiety, or sadness. Marriage makes you more adaptable and adjustable to any situation. There are more chances of your marriage being functional when you’re tolerant and compromising towards each other. Keeping thoughts and feelings to oneself can lead to depression, anxiety and more significant stress, increasing rumination and unyielding self-disparagement. A healthy relationship can provide stress and anxiety relief in many different forms: motivating each other to strive for healthier goals, appreciating each other’s positive qualities and celebrating each other’s successes.

  1. Marriage Boosts Serotonin Levels  

Married couples can experience more frequent exposure and release of serotonin and testosterone. Serotonin maintains mood balance and relieves depression, anxiety and anger. When you return to your house after a hectic day at the office, you have that partner there for physical affection, refresh the mind, positive mood, sex drive and intimacy. Married couples are more likely to have a healthy sex life. Married couples admit they have an extremely satisfying sex life than singles or cohabitors. 50% of married couples say sex with their partner is highly satisfying physically, compared with 39% of single and cohabiting people.

  1. Married People Live Longer

Research says married couples have more significant health than unmarried persons and tend to live longer. Having a life partner provides a safe space to share emotions, feelings and needs that may often go ignored or suppressed regularly. When married couples get divorced, they suffer substantial degradation in mental and emotional well-being, including increases in depression and declines in reported happiness. Most singles also reported a lower sense of personal mastery, less positive connections with others, less realization of life purpose, and lower self-acceptance levels than their married peers.

  1. Better Immune System

High cortisol levels, considered the stress hormone, can weaken immune systems. Happily married couples have fewer levels of stress hormones in their system, which improves their immune system and helps them fight diseases better. Avoiding your partner is better if you go through a toxic relationship with your spouse. Because these types of couples are always involved in a quarrel resulting in high blood pressure, experts say that couples in good marriages have thinner heart walls than those in unhealthy marriages. A thicker heart wall causes higher blood pressure, while the case is the opposite in a good and functional marriage.

  1. Ensures Child’s Security

Doctors suggest the best time to have a child is between your late 20s and early 30s. So if you get and stay married, you will have more time to decide when you want to have children. Children can also lead healthier, longer lives if their parents are in a healthy marital life. On the contrary, the separation between couples weakens the bonds between parents and children over the long run. Adult children of divorce negatively describe relationships with their mother and father. And they are about 40% less likely than adults from intact marriages to say they see either parent at least once a week.

  1. Marriage Prevent Heart Attacks & Other Diseases

Experts have found a positive link between marriage and preventing heart attacks. Marital stress can double the level of diabetes, and women in marital distress have a two times higher risk of a second heart attack. Research conducted on 30,000 adults in the USA discovered that married people who had a heart attack were 20% more likely to survive and could leave the hospital two days earlier than a single person who had a heart attack. After marriage, both husband and wife get better physical health, become more resistant to infection, and have a reduced likelihood of dying from heart disease, cancer, and all fatal diseases.

  1. Financial Benefits of Marriage

Marriage gives financial protection. Married couples build and save more wealth on average than single ones. They face less “economic hardship” or trouble paying essential bills. Studies show that a husband earns more money than a bachelor with similar education and job history. Married women are also economically better off than divorced, cohabiting or spinsters. Suppose your wife is also an earning person along with you. Two incomes are always better than one. Someday if you lose your job or go through a bad patch medically, there will always be another to have your back.

If you apply for a $300,000 home or a car loan as a single adult, you may have only your income statement for the bank to consider. But as a married couple, your combined earnings likely would allow you to qualify for a larger loan with better terms. In one study, couples in a marital relationship saw their assets increase twice as fast as those who remained single over five years.

So you can see that marriage can positively affect your physical and mental health and reduce fatal diseases and other disorders. A good marriage will help you prevent depression, live longer, and keeps you away from many diseases.

Conclusion on the Benefits of Marriage

The choice of life partner is one of the most significant things you’ll make in your life; it is more serious than buying a car or a house or anything. So it would be best to find someone with whom you are compatible and share values- someone who makes you happy. If you are looking for a soulmate, you should consider visiting reliable matrimonial sites to find a suitable bride or groom. Marriage sites are a true blessing for singles. Marriage media sites not only help you to browse different profiles but also allow you to connect with different people. The marriage bureau allows the members to search, communicate, interact, and finally choose the right life partner. Today, most people consider online matrimony sites the perfect way to tie a knot for a lifetime.

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