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Apps That Simplify Your Daily Activities

We live in a time when technology has taken over our lives. From smartphones to computers, we are constantly using apps to improve our lives.

Apps used to organize and simplify daily activities vary greatly in terms of function. However, they all share a common goal of helping simplify our lives by providing some systematization of daily tasks.

Super apps are known to ease our everyday tasks and life and provide benefits in every sphere of our work.
Some popular apps for organizing and simplifying daily activities are timers, to-do lists, calendars, calculators, converters, etc.

Each of these apps offers different features that make it easier to stay on track with our tasks. For example, timers can help us manage our time more effectively by setting deadlines for ourselves, to-do lists can help us prioritize our tasks better, and calendars can help us stay on track by organizing our appointments and events.

Clap Messenger

The name ‘Clap Messenger’ may suggest that it is an instant messaging app, which it is, but it is much more than that because it is a super app developed in India.

You may pay securely, split money, share albums and events, as well as make polls, call recordings, and schedule appointments in addition to messaging and calling. In the second phase, third-party merchants will be introduced for food ordering, travel booking, card and loan payback, utilities, shopping, and other services.


Amidst our busy schedule, even if we find few minutes of free time, we tend to open our social media apps. We come across many articles we want to read, but as we are caught up in work, we scroll away, and later it gets lost.

To avoid this, the Pocket app has been developed. Anything across the internet can be saved to read later. It bookmarks and prepares a reading list for you to read in your free time. Without worrying about losing the post or article, you can save it and come back later. The process of saving is quick.


This app needs no introduction. It started with delivering food from restaurants and later began with groceries. Soon it expanded its network to pick and drop any items through Genie.

Now Swiggy provides delivery services for electrical items, stationery, beauty products, household essentials, and more.

Medicine and kitchen essentials are accessible just a click away.


Vedantu, Topper, Meritnation, etc., are apps like Byjus; Byjus became extremely popular due to its advertising campaign and features others might have lacked.

When the pandemic hit, Byjus took its campaigning to another level and encouraged parents to enroll their kids in online studies. Teaching children has become easy for parents because of apps like this.

Other than this, apps like Udemy, Coursera, etc., provide courses for every age group. Learning online can save time and lets you study in the comfort of your home.


Hiring a transport vehicle can be a frustrating task at times. It often happens that cabs and other vehicles demand more money than the expected price, or they ignore the passengers and speed up.

Ola, Uber, Rapido, etc., established transportation facilities to solve this problem. Hiring a vehicle is easy and convenient, except when the driver cancels your trip.


Ever wished that you had a personal assistant who works on your command? Yes? Then 24me is for you. At your command, it adds tasks to your calendar, performs browsing, pays bills, reminds you of tasks, and much more.

With this app, you can say all the important features are clubbed in one.

Troop Messenger

If the aforementioned apps find things simpler to do things in your social life, Troop Messenger is an office chat tool that makes it easier to do things at work and saves you time. It might be referred to as a business super app because of the multiple functions that a user can access from a single UI.

Troop Messenger is one of the best team collaboration tools because it provides file sharing, chatting, audio/video calls & conferences, remote access, screen sharing, and other features. As a result, users don’t need to look for alternative or feature-specific tools like TeamViewer, Zoom, Google Duo, and so on.


While these apps are widely adopted and generally considered beneficial, there are some potential disadvantages to using them. Firstly, these apps can sometimes be unnecessarily complicated. For example, some to-do lists require elaborate color-coded systems that can be difficult to follow.

Additionally, these apps can sometimes be counterproductive if used in isolation. For example, if we use a to-do list but don’t have any other system for tracking our progress, we may not be able to accomplish any of our tasks.

These apps are widely used and generally seen as helpful in organizing and simplifying our daily lives. However, some potential drawbacks should be taken into account before using them.


Md. Asloob Alam

Md. Asloob Alam is a B2B Sales & Digital Marketing Specialist at Troop Messenger, establishing, developing and maintaining relationships with prospective clients. He also enjoys researching and writing about how a company can optimize its work processes through technology, to ensure best possible customer satisfaction, while saving time and money.

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