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Choosing Suitable Movers and Packers for Laboratory Relocation

Moving laboratories is not an easy task. They are equipped with various instruments, chemicals, toxic and hazardous materials, documentations, samples, etc. You need to be very cautious while looking after moving these things out.

You cannot move themselves and will surely need a professional help to get you through all the packing and moving. Hiring the best and suitable moving company is also a task in itself. Choosing one from a pile of companies and still not being sure if they will be appropriate or not.

Here are some tips that may help you get over this worry and find you a suitable mover and packers’ company.

Types of laboratories moving services

  • Equipments shifting – Sometimes you might not want to move the whole lab but only need someone to move some instruments of yours. Instruments varying from medical instruments, computational instruments, analytical instruments, technical instruments, etc. varying from lab to lab.
  • Chemicals shifting – Moving chemicals by yourself is very dangerous and you cannot take it in your personal vehicle. Maybe you might need to transfer some of the required chemicals from one lab to another.

Chemicals need special packaging and handling during the transit especially. So, you might need to hire professional people for this.

  • Custom shifting – Laboratories are equipped sex toplist with different furniture, documents, apparatus, glass instruments, etc. and you might need to move one of the items only. You can also ask moving companies to shift some of your items only.
  • Warehousing services – Movers and packers also provide warehouse services to store the stuff of their customers safely for few to several days. You can store any of your instruments or apparatus there. The companies ensure that proper security arrangements and insurance of the things are provided.
  • You can avail these services for any period of time from weeks to months or years. It is advised to not keep your chemicals there for long and even if you are thinking about it then ask your moving companies about their protocols.

Why do you need to hire moving company for laboratory relocation?

  • Saves your time – Hiring a moving company means saving your time from all the packing and moving. Everything is taken care of by them and your move is done hassle-free while you can finish you work in peace.
  • Professionals working – Moving laboratories comes with a lot of caution and only professionals know how to appropriately move your lab hassle-free without causing any damage to any instrument or preventing unnecessary chemical spread.
  • Specialized equipments – The main reason to hire a moving company is that they have all the right equipments for loading and unloading all the instruments and boxes very safely and securely.
  • Documentations – Whenever you are moving a lab, it comes with a lot of documentation work to move from quality assurance to properly settling your lab out. Moving companies has it all managed and will make sure to complete all your necessary documentations.

How to hire suitable movers and packers for you?

  • Search for moving companies near you

There is a pool of moving companies in all the cities of India. You will get several in the area your lab is situated in and get a list of suitable movers and packers near you.

Match your requirements and their services and see which company will be suitable for you the most. Shortlist 3-4 companies and compare the work of different packers before making your final decision.

  • Compare their quotations

Get the quotation breakdown from all the companies that you have shortlisted and choose one from them by seeing all the services, experience, offers, etc. do not get attracted by low offers as only your one instrument is way more costly than moving all of them.

  • Check for their documentations

After selecting a favorable company, check for their documentation such as registration certificate, license, insurance, service tax, personal identification, etc. to avoid fake companies that might harm you in further process. You must also check that the documents that they are showing you is up to date or not.

  • Get their contact details

Contact details is necessary to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. Get their business location, phone numbers, email address, websites, etc. to contact them whenever needed. Also take alternate contact numbers from people working there to contact the moving company Bangalore to Kolkata in case of emergency or when you are not able to contact them.

  • Know about their process of shifting

Every moving company has different processes and you must know each one of them. know about their staff and equipments they will be using in moving all the instruments, apparatus and chemicals. Know how they will be packing your stuff and how they are going to put them in the moving truck.

  • Check for their experience

No matter how experienced a moving company is, you must know if they have experience in moving laboratory or not. For instance, there is a company who has experience in moving and packing of 20 years but they have not done much work upon laboratories

but there is other company in front of you with only 5 years of experience but much experienced in handling laboratory shifting. You must choose appropriately as even one mishap can cost you a fortune.

  • Go through their reviews

Do not get enticed by the advertising of the companies and look for their genuine reviews through references and their website. Reviews will help you to know their customer satisfaction and reputation. You can check their reviews on google too as many companies do not have their websites.

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  • Clear your doubts regarding payment terms

Get a clear understanding of their quotation breakdown and see what all services are they charging you for. You do not want to get into trouble for choosing a company which is charging you inappropriately. There can be some hidden costs that you must be aware of.

You can also reduce your cost by removing some of the services you might not need. Get the estimate of everything and it is advisable to never fully pay in terms of assurance of their services.

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