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Earn Money by Playing Games with 7 Best Money Earning Games

Within the Playstore or the App Store, you will find a wide selection of games that boast the ability to pay cash once you install them and play them.

To be honest there are a few games that don’t are up to the standards. Many of them are cash-smuggling and can be played with lots of ads.

But don’t fret but don’t worry, this list contains fourteen legitimate games you can play throughout the day or whenever you’d like to earn some money.

Play these games and enjoy these games to get the most out of your time. Check them out and install them in order to try these games.

1. Dream11

If you’re a cricket enthusiast or even aren’t, then you have seen this name. Dream 11 is a fantasy game created by Dream Sports.

It is the largest platform in India for fantasy games. In August of 2020, Dream sports got the sponsorship agreement for the IPL for a staggering Rs.222 crore.

The Dream11 application isn’t available on the Google Play store. You must download it directly from the official Dream11 website.

Once you have installed the application, you are able to start playing a fantasy football league. You can choose your team, assign the captain/vice-captain, and participate in different leagues. It’s all yours to decide.

You can create five teams per game. The amount you win is contingent on the performance of your players.

It is necessary to pay an entry fee in order to play at the table. This is the way you can earn as much as 35 lacs per day. 35 lacs per day if you’re fortunate enough.

2. Rummy circle

Rummy Circle, too, is a well-known rummy platform. It is among the most popular games for rummy. Here you can earn cash by playing games with android. It is an app that is suitable for Android players.

The most appealing feature of this app is that it gives you free chips each hour. It is possible to play with a partner or with groups of five people.

Like you Rummy is all about luck, Sometimes you win, and occasionally you lose.

However, it’s an excellent way to make some quick cash.

3. Dangal Games

Dangal Games can be described as an online game that earns you money. The game is loved by millions across the world because it is possible to earn money by playing online real money games India. This is the reason it is rated highly and is the Editors choice.

Just download the app and register to play the game of billiards. The game can be played in a variety of ways. You can play as a team or play alone.

It’s the most popular online game around the globe. You can play online games to earn money. It’s just a matter of paying fees for entry. Each time that you are successful, you will also win cash.

4. Qureka

Qureka is a game of quiz application. You can make a lot of money and earn cash by playing games simultaneously. Qureka app offers a variety of competitions, quizzes, and weekly/daily contests. You can showcase your skills and knowledge, and earn cash in return.

Participate in weekly mega quizzes and earn up to the amount of. 25000.

Qureka hosts three kinds of quizzes- live shows as well as hourly quizzes and also play cricket-related quizzes.

It is also possible to use this app to prepare yourself for examinations that require competitive skills like UPSC, SSC, Bank etc.

This app is able to hit 2 targets at once with the same arrow.

5. Ace2three

Ce2three is among the most popular Indian applications where users can take part in rummy games and can win a large amount of money.

Ace2three is the ideal application for players of rummy. All you require is some shrewdness and a good amount of luck.

It is possible to play in an individual or in a group of six. When you start you will receive 5 000 free chips. You can play with the chips to earn money playing games for free without investing.

When you keep playing it, you could earn amazing rewards. You can spend them in cash or purchase more chips and earn money playing games and testing your luck once more.

6. Roz Dhan

The only game application on this list is that you earn money playing games, and only after installing the app. After installing it, you’ll get 50 Rs directly in your bank account.

The app will also reward you by logging into the app each day.

In Roz Dhan the game, you have the possibility to earn money through playing games, doing different activities, taking horoscopes, reading and reading, browsing news, and other websites. In the end, it’s an application that pays you whenever you complete different tasks.

You can withdraw the cash through Paytm.

You may as well invite friends and family members to join you to win additional cash.

7. Bubble Burst

This is the sole offline money-making game in this list. It’s a type of puzzle game in which you have to deal with bubbles. It’s a free app that will pay you when you progress and beat the game. You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal.

You can also earn money by taking part in sweepstakes, competitions (a kind of gambling), and giveaways, among others.



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