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Effective Tips to Monitor Child’s Online Activities

Do you think about the past and wish that your parents had guided you about something that troubled you later in life?Or, probably your parents had made you cautious about something, and you didn’t like that. Later in life, you realized that your parents rightly warned about that thing.

However, at that time, our parents were cautious about our physical activities and gatherings. These days, children are present in their digital worlds.

You, as a parent, now are aware of the possible threatening situations that your child may come across. You want to warn them about those situations, but your child might not be willing to discuss it with you due to hesitations.

I know it makes you sleepless at night thinking about your child but don’t worry.

You can track their digital activities through different softwares like ClevGuard. It provides you access to all their activities without them knowing. You can get their services with discounts by using Clevguard coupon code.

I will share the tips with you on how to track the activities of your child and sleep peacefully later.

· Have a Chat About Your Decision To Track Their Activities

It is essential to have a conversation prior to the implementation of your plan. There are benefits to having a conversation with your child. He would feel valued. You can discuss the possible frauds and security breaches he can come across, due to which you will take this step. And then let them know about the rules to use their phones.

· Install the Parental Control Software

Your monitoring begins by installing any parental control software. There are several companies which offer you these softwares. It isn’t there only to restrict them from visiting inappropriate sites but also to save them from online scams and data breaches.

To use this, you just have to install the app on your child’s phone or any other device. As soon as it shows the app is working, it will disappear on the phone of your child. It takes only about a few minutes.

· Make Sure The Computer Of Your Child Is In Shared Space

You need to check out them. The frauds these days happen through online gaming as well. So, it’s not just resisting them to check their digital visits but also who are they interacting with through gaming. That’s why it is important that you place the computer in such a space where you can hear or see what he is up to.

The children like playing games indoors. But there have been cases where kids make online friends through gaming, and that friend turns out to be a predator in the end. You definitely don’t want to come into that situation. So it is better to place his pc where you can hear or listen easily from.

· Monitor Through Tracker that Where are They Taking Their Phones

It is one of the perks of those parental control software that you get to know their location. It is essential for you. If your kid goes to some strange place then you can later have a discussion about it with him.

Make sure when you discuss with your kid, it shouldn’t be with the interrogative tone like a police officer. Talk with him casually so that he can share openly with you his whereabouts.

· Keep a Check On Existing Or New Applications On Their Phones

You may often come across a new application on their phones. You can start a general discussion about that application and later ask them for the purpose of installing that particular application.

But you know what.

It is your responsibility in advance to tell them about digital footprints and how they can be chased by any spy. Therefore, the data your child provides on different apps can always be hacked. And the hackers can come from anywhere.

· Inspect the Deleted Data as Well

You can get to know the deleted content from your child’s phone. Why is it important is because the child must have thought that you wouldn’t get to know? But this is a special feature available in the parental control software that allows you to track the history of the deleted files as well.

· Take Screenshot Of Their Suspicious Activity and Discuss

You have to make sure that you don’t nag your child with demands of explanation of every action. The child might become distressed badly.

Instead, you can take a screenshot of any of the strange activities and ask them later about it.

But, don’t do it often.

You can do it only to let the child know that there is someone keeping a check on them. Your child will become alert himself.

· Play Their Favorite Video Game With Them

Well, you may underrate this one. But, let me be brutally honest with you. It works the best.

Firstly, your child feels valued that he has someone within the home who can play with him. He won’t need any online friends.

Secondly, when a child is emotionally involved in the game, you can ask him certain questions in a friendly way. This is the best moment to retrieve information with him.

You can also instruct your child during your game-time moment. He will listen to you without any remorse.

· Discuss About Online Friends In Friendly Tone

Being conversational with the child is of top importance. I mean, of course, you aren’t a cop and your child a suspect. You have to try not to leave him with this impression too.

Therefore, when you ask him about a certain friend, it shouldn’t be in an interrogative tone.

The tone really matters. Try to ask him during the general discussion where he doesn’t feel that you have brought this question out of the blue.

He will share with you his conversations, too, if you discuss them with him in a friendly way. Once he shares the information of his one online friend, you can judge better than your child whether to continue talking to him or not. Discussion is the key here.

The Last Word for You, before I say Adieu

Just remember, Your basic purpose is to prevent your child from any harm physically and mentally as well.

You must remember that your conversation and tone with the kid matter most. Try to be more involved with your child in his activities.

Search about his interests like football, games or anything and play with him too. You will not even need any softwares to check his whereabouts; he will share himself with you.

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