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FAQs About: Digital Piracy, Torrenting & Gbwhatsapp

  • What is Piracy?

By Piracy, we mean presenting someone’s material by making people believe it belongs to you. Not only this, Piracy is a vast term. It also includes the activities that stream content without authorization.

Digital Piracy became a popular concept as the internet and its extensive use grew popular. Digital content such as videos, films or even software is likely distributed without authorization.

  • Who are Digital Pirates? 

The people involved in digital pirating activities are known as Digital Pirates. Whether you are sharing some copyrighted content or someone’s confidential video without their permission, everything comes under the category of digital Piracy.

  • How Do Digital Pirates Defend Themselves? 

Pirates say, “Unless we are claiming someone’s copyrighted material as our own, they are not harmed. We are only producing multiple copies for demanded content so that the people who cannot afford them get them available easily.”

If we accept this defensive statement for a minute, then “Are not the Pirates demotivating the original content creators to produce more such content?”

  • Is Piracy Illegal? 

Of Course, YES! If you are stealing someone’s content and trying to obtain it unlawfully, then you have infringed someone’s copyrights. It can put you in a legally severe problematic situation.

  • How Can Digital Piracy Harm An Economy?

For some people, selling the original content is their source of livelihood. If pirates keep on distributing their creations free of cost, they will not be able to earn the required source of income. Instead of contributing a portion of revenue to the government, they will become a liability for the government. Here they will not add to the government’s resources; instead, they will demand the government help them with their finances.

In short, Pirates are not only putting site owners in Loss-Driving Situation, but they are also posing a significant threat to the economic condition of a country.

  • How Do The Users Know About Such Sites Since Pirates Cannot Promote Themselves? 

We all have experienced disturbing pop-up adverts that adult toplist spoil the user experience. When users do not find any way to get rid of them, they tend to either move back from the site or click on the CTA button, which takes them to another website or page. By visiting that website, they come to know that such kinds of websites exist that offer them to enjoy the paid content ‘Free Of Cost’.

It is a human tendency to find FREE things as valuable. Once they explore such websites on their own and benefit from them, they are likely to recommend it to their friends and hence this recommendation circle keeps on getting bigger & bigger.

  • Is Google Taking Any Action Against Pirate Websites? 

Yes, Google is taking strict actions against such websites. If Google catches any Piracy site, it will disable the URL from its search engine. Not only this, it will disable ads running on that domain.

Did you know?

A new “still-in-theaters/prerelease” tag has been added to DMCA notices so that the sites reported for infringements can be severely punished.

  • What If I Can’t Afford The Subscription But I Am Willing To Watch Movies? 

For that, you need not to visit the illegal pirate sites. There are several legal streaming sites as well like:

  • YouTube Free to Watch Movies.
  • Tubi
  • IMDb TV
  • The Roku Channel
  • Vudu
  • Kanopy
  • Crackle
  • Popcornflix
  • Which Are The Pirated Sites? 

  • 123movies.to.
  • Geektv.is
  • Genvideos.org
  • Gowatchseries.biz
  • Hdmovies14.net
  • Hdmovieswatch.net
  • Themovie4u.com
  • Moviesub.net
  • What Is Torrenting? 

By torrenting, we mean to download & upload files through BitTorrent Network. In this, the user does not download files to a central server. Instead, torrenting involves downloading files from other users’ devices on the network. After that, the user will download such files and upload them to their own devices so that the other users can download them from there.

  • What Do You Need To Have To Do Torrenting?

Torrenting is one of the most famous P2P file-sharing systems. But it requires you to have torrent management software to connect to the BitTorrent Network.

  • Who Is Known As A Peer In Torrenting? 

The person who downloads & uploads the same file for the other users to download is a peer. The group of peers is known as a swarm.

  • How Is Torrenting Similar & Different From Piracy? 


Like Piracy, Torrenting also includes sharing the authorized information without someone’s consent.


It is legitimate to use torrents for other purposes, such as distributing the hosting burden among users to reduce the load on centralized servers.

  • Is Torrenting Illegal? 

Though torrenting itself is not illegal. But if you keep on downloading the unsanctioned copyrighted material, you will find yourself facing many legal repercussions.

  • How Do Torrents Hide Their Activities From ISP? 

Torrents use VPN Services to ensure that their internet activity remains hidden from ISP.

Torrenting can be done safely and privately while maintaining your privacy online. If you use a VPN for torrenting, your activity will be safe from prying eyes, but some public torrent sites may still expose you to malware.

  • What If You Are Torrenting Without A VPN? 

If you are torrenting without a VPN, you allow the ISP to view your online activity.

  • What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Torrenting? 

One of the most significant disadvantages of torrenting is getting malware. You will not get to know whether the file you are downloading has malware or not. Such kinds of files can deteriorate the system of your PC and Mobile. 

  • Is GB Whatsapp A Pirated App? 

Yes, GBWhatsapp is a pirated app. Since Meta is the current owner of WhatsApp and has not included any such features in the original version of WhatsApp, which the GB Version has, we can indeed conclude it to be a pirated app.

  • Is It Illegal To Use GBwhatsapp? 

Yes! If you are using GB Whatsapp, your account may permanently get blocked because GB Whatsapp is an unauthorized, illegal & unofficial version of whatsapp. Other than that, such apps pose a severe threat to users’ privacy since these are running on online servers.

Final Comments!

I hope today’s article has solved all your queries regarding Digital Piracy, Torrenting and Apk Versions. If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask the same in the comment section. We shall try to respond to you as soon as possible.

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