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Features of Enterprise Video Streaming Solution to Watch Out for in 2022


Selecting the top enterprise video streaming solution for business may look like a major responsibility since there are a lot of amazing streaming platforms available in the market. Every enterprise video strategy platform offers distinct features at a variable price point. The basic essential of opting for the right solution is to know your streaming objectives and select a platform with features that will assist you to reach them.

Enterprise Video Streaming Solution — Features

So, what are the Features of the Enterprise Video Platform?

1. White-labeled personalization

White-labeled video streaming solution is one that does not place its logo or branding in the interface. A white-labeled enterprise video streaming solution will do away with its branding or let you put your own branding on the player and other interfaces. A white-labeled platform lets you personalize the interface into something that represents your business and brand.

2. Video Player with All-Inclusive Compatibility

There are multiple formats in which you can video stream. But, not all formats can be streamed on all types of devices. For example, in the past, Flash was a primary format for the best video streaming service. To view such videos, users were required to install the Flash plugin on their devices, which made the encounter unfriendly. In the present day, Flash has been substituted with friendlier standards such as HLS protocol, which does not require any extra plugin and is backed by all types of video players and modern devices. Another feature of all-inclusive compatibility is the video player. On a flash player, you can play only flash videos. But you now have access to HTML5 players, which are backed by all types of devices. With a video player and common streaming protocol, a person can stream across a broad range of computers, wearables, smartphones, and televisions.

3. CDN or Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network is made up of a server network spread across physical locations and linked via high-speed web cables. The advantage of using a CDN for live streaming or video-on-demand streaming is that it supports speed, lowers redundancy, reduces latency, facilitates upscaling, stops buffering, and frees web servers from unrequired stress. You can have a committed web server for platform hosting, while a CDN will take care of storage and monitor faultless content delivery to viewers with the help of dedicated servers. Not all CDNs are built for video streaming. You will require a CDN with robust media servers in the locations you want to stream from. A CDN with servers only in Australia cannot be used to stream content in the USA.

4.HTML5 All-Device Video Player

This video player is used to ensure that the video is streamed and played across all standard device browsers and major media formats. This player is well-known for its compatibility and customizability. Recently in the past, Flash was the standard for virtual video. Consumers required the Flash plugin to view the majority of streaming videos. But Flash has security issues and was slow. HLS delivery is the new standard that has taken over. Majority of online videos stream via HTML5 video players today. These players are very compatible and support all major devices. Presently, common streaming devices include smartphones, tablets, desktops, and smart televisions.

5. Channels of Monetization

Monetization channels are relevant for streamers who want to generate revenue. It depends on your goal of whether you’d like to stream within your workforce internally or if you are generating revenue by streaming your VOD or live content. For initiating a live or VOD streaming business you require monetization channels to create revenue. Three primary monetization channels which you can utilize for generating revenue are:

Pay-Per-View — Consumers pay to avail and watch individual content. Similar to your cable operator letting you watch a movie after paying for it. It is very useful for hosting live events and live sports.

Subscriptions — Similar to the Netflix OTT platform which charges its users a monthly fee to view the content. Such kinds of stream hosting services are popular today.

Advertising — You can let the users stream the content with zero cost. But you can present their ads to create revenue.

6. API access

There are two kinds of API or application programming interfaces that are discussed often in terms of enterprise video streaming — video API and player API. Player API lets you incorporate outer applications and programs in your video player to personalize it to your preferences. Video API lets you personalize your experience as a broadcaster. You would like to select an enterprise video conferencing solution which can be customized with the help of API.

7. Player Customization

All features of video streaming are purely technical. A solution may encounter problems at any time owing to random reasons. An ideal solution provider is one who is accessible 24/7 round the clock for technical support. This will give you the best live streaming platform.

8. Analytics

Data is essential for success in everyday business. With enterprise video solutions you require data for every major event and user on the mentioned enterprise video streaming platform. Whether streaming for non-profit uses or operating a streaming business, analytics makes it easy to manage user behaviors and give fact-based solutions for everything from compliance to risk mitigation to marketing. You should ensure your enterprise solution is armed with adequate analysis mechanisms and data collection.

9. Customer Support

All features of video streaming are completely technical. A solution may get problems due to any reason. An ideal solution provider is someone available 24×7 when it comes to technical support. This will give you the best enterprise video platform.

10. Security & Privacy

As piracy is widely present, video security has become very important. You can safeguard your videos in multiple ways. Some well-known video security features include HLS encryption, password protection, domain restrictions, tokenized access, DRM, geographic restrictions, and HTTPS delivery.

11. Pricing Model

Your solution provider’s pricing model plays an important role when operating a medium or small business. You should select a solution with a pricing model which suits your budget and goals. There are two kinds of pricing models for enterprise OTT solutions— Self-hosted and SaaS. One of the largest enterprise video distribution platforms — Netflix is very popular today.


Now that key features have been discussed, it is time to decide which platform would work in your favor the best. This blog will help you narrow the options for the online video streaming services platform you have in mind. Take the benefit of free trials when they are available.


Dwarakesh is Video Monetization & OTT Solution Expert at CONTUS VPlayed. Interested in digging deep into video/audio streaming media tools and Love to blog, discuss and share views on the latest technologies tips, and tricks. He's also passionate about photography loves to capture the pure essence of life.

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