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How To Install Air Springs 1999 Lincoln Town Car By Yourself

Can I be totally honest with you?

Learning how to install air springs 1999 Lincoln Town Car is easy but where the real work lies is doing the job yourself.

Why I say it’s easy to learn this DIY skill is because you’ll discover just how to go about it in this post. Even better; you’ll also discover the following at Vigorairride.com;

  • The materials, tools, and the resources to get started.
  • How to remove the air spring
  • How to install the new air spring
  • A recommended list of air springs that are best for your 1999 Lincoln Town car.


Does this look like something you are ready to learn about? Then, let’s cut right into the chase.

For starters;

The Materials, Tools And The Resources To Get Started

  • Vehicle lift; To raise the car up to a level that allows you to work conveniently under the vehicle frame.
  • Lug nut remover.
  • Wrenches, Ratchet.
  • Basic toolset.
  • Nose clip plier.
  • Protective gloves.
  • New air spring kit.
  • Lubricant or rust breaker.

How To Install Air Springs 1999 Lincoln Town Car

Before we proceed on how to install the air springs on your vehicle, I need to remind you that every vehicle comes with the car manufacturer-branded air spring.

So, if you are installing a new one you first have to get rid of the old one. This is why I will show you how to remove air springs from your 1999 Lincoln Town Car before showing you how to go about the installation.

With that in mind, let’s get things underway;


How To Remove Air Springs 1999 Lincoln Town Car

  • Turn off the air suspension switch located in the trunk of the car.
  • Switch off the engine. Align the wheels of the car.
  • Lift the car up using a vehicle lift. Alternatively, use a hydraulic jack, chocks, and jacks to hold the car in position.
  • Remove the wheel using lug nut remover. Carefully take down the tire and get set to remove the air springs.
  • Walk under the vehicle chassis and disconnect the solenoid from the electrical connector, this prepares the air in the air spring for bleeding.
  • Disconnect the solenoid from the air springs. This allows the air spring to bleed out any air that might be locked inside it.
  • Done?

You can now remove the retaining clip holding the air spring in position.

  • Disconnecting the retaining clip makes your work nearly done. The next thing is to disconnect the lower retaining clip on the base of the air spring using a pry bar.

Done? You can now remove the air spring from the wheel.

You can now proceed to install the new air spring.

All you have to do is stay with me.

Sneaky tip: Whilst removing the solenoid, turn the cover in the anti-clockwise direction, and wait for the air to leave the air spring completely before finally taking off the solenoid.

Sneaky tip: This video by Car Guys New England would walk you through a visual demonstration of the procedure I described in this part. Watch it here;


Installing The New Air Spring

  • First, position the new air spring in between the retaining clip.
  • You must confirm that the lower retaining piston clip is keyed on the axle.
  • Ensure that the Lower Retaining piston clip is locked on the lower axle.
  • Replace the upper retaining clip on the newly inserted air spring.
  • Lubricate the solenoid O- rings once you have it locked back in position.
  • Here, take careful attention. When replacing the solenoid, rotate in a clockwise manner and rotate twice.
  • Reconnect the airline back to the air springs.
  • Connect the electrical connector.
  • Return the wheel back to position, and nut back the nuts using the same lug nuts you had earlier used to displace it.
  • Open the car trunk, switch on the air suspension and turn on the car ignition.

Just before you call it a day here, take your car on a test drive and watch out for the differences.

Are we good?

Continue reading to see a list of air spring makers you can trust for your vehicle.

A Recommended List Of Best Air Springs For 1999 Lincoln Town Car

First, a disclaimer;

By no means is this professional advice. It’s based on what I have observed to be true in the industry over the years. Therefore, I strongly advise that you do your own research before you choose any air spring maker for your 1999 Lincoln Town Car.

  • Arnott Air Spring: Arnott is one of the leading air springs manufacturers in the space. The air springs are easy to install.
  • Westar: Westar air springs are also a force to be reckoned with. Their air spring prices are easy on the pocket. They also give customers a lifetime warranty.
  • Dorman air springs are equally makers of quality products in the air spring space.
  • Strutmasters
  • Firestone

The above-mentioned are some of the go-to names in the air spring space. But as I said earlier, do your own research too.

In Conclusion


In this post, I have been able to show you a number of things. Before we round up, here is a highlight;

  • The materials, tools, and the resources to get started.
  • How to remove the air spring
  • How to install the new air spring
  • A recommended list of air springs that are best for your 1999 Lincoln Town car.

Do you have questions, suggestions, or past experiences installing air springs on a Lincoln Town Car? Leave as comments.




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