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How To Make a Fool-proof Plan as You Prepare for A Home Relocation

Home relocation is a chaotic phenomenon. You need to do a lot of things within a stipulated period. You don’t have the choice of omitting any of the steps that are involved in the relocation process. Therefore, it becomes stressful and exhausting all at once. The only way you can keep both your move and your sanity sorted is by devising a proper plan. You have to start preparing for the relocation in advance but there is a way to do things right. In this article, I have illustrated how to make a fool-proof plan as you prepare for a home relocation.

Let us discuss the fool-proof plan as you prepare for a house shifting in the subsequent pointers:

Inform the landlord

When you are planning to shift your house, the first thing that you should do is to inform your landlord. You need to notify the landlord at least 30 days before the day of the move if you want to get back the security deposit amount without much pestering.

Fix the date

Fix the date of your move being wise and practical. Choose a date that is in the middle of the month in the winter and also a weekday. Winters mark the off-season and the prices are lowest during this time. Weekdays and the dates in the mid-month are again less in demand amongst the movers thereby making them the cost-effective days for your move.

Set a budget

Assess your financial whereabouts to set a budget for your relocation. If you have a fair budget to spare on the move, you can plan your move accordingly.

Plan the mode of relocation

You have fixed the date and budget for the move; it’s time to decide the mode of relocation. You can choose to relocate on your own or seek help from professional moving companies. The packers and movers can pack and move your belongings with care, sensibility, and speed as they are trained and practiced in this job. Choose to avail of the professional help if you have the luxury of your budget.

Make an inventory

As you prepare for your relocation, you should schedule your home relocation from Hyderabad to Pune activities and responsibilities to be done on specific days. This way, all your activities will be done within the scheduled time. Make a detailed list of the belongings that you want to carry from your present house to your new house.

Pack the valuables first

Pack the expensive pieces of jewellery, watches, electronic items, and sensitive documents in a specific bag and store them safely under your supervision. Move this bag in your private vehicle and don’t let the packers and movers handle this bag.

Make an overnight kit

You will need some of the basic things as soon as you arrive in your new house like a fresh bedspread, towels, toiletries, dental kit, set of clothes and undergarments, etc. You need to pack those things in an overnight kit and carry it with you without mixing them up with the other packing boxes.


De-clutter your household before the day of your move. Segregate the essentials from unnecessary items. Carry only the essentials. You can sell or donate reusable items. Discard the rest of the damaged items. If you de-clutter and reduce the size of your move, the cost of moving will decrease considerably.

Get the best packers and movers

Choose the most reputed and experienced packers and movers in your area according to your moving budget. Make sure that the moving company is genuine. Visit their office and ask them to produce their credentials like their trade license, GST certificate, IBA certificate, and company PAN card. After you have found a genuine moving company, state your preferences about your home relocation and maintain communication with them as the day of your move approaches.

Supervise the process

On the day of the move, you don’t have to do any as such. So, do the most important part; supervise the move. Attend to the queries of the packers and movers. Be a prompt decision-maker and a tactful manager.

Contact the utility service providers

As you move from one house to another, you have to shift the utility services as well. Contact the utility service providers for the same. During local home relocation, your utility service providers are the same; you need to inform them to transfer the services from one address to another on a moving day. It is a bit simple process.

During intercity home relocation, the utility service providers are different. You need to disconnect the services by calling the service providers in your current location on a moving day. You need to book new utility services in the new city by calling up different providers and asking them to connect you to the utilities on the day of your arrival. This procedure is a bit more intricate but you have to do it on your own being tactful.

Check before you leave

After your goods are loaded on the moving truck, you should check the house one last time. Check if you mistakenly left out anything inside the drawers, racks, cabinets, wardrobes, and other storage spaces. It is important to see if you missed out on anything during the chaotic day.

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The Cessation

Planning your move is the most important part of the preparatory phase during a home relocation procedure. Plan your relocation being far-sighted and realistic. Choose your packers and movers wisely and verify their authenticity before finalising them. After reading this article I am sure you got a clear insight on how to make a fool-proof plan as you prepare for a home relocation. I wish you a delightful move!


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