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Open Corrupted MDF File & View Required Data File

Synopsis: This informative article is all about the ways to open corrupted MDF file. Well, yes are a few ways by which you can view these data files. However, all of them fail except one in the case of a corrupted file. That one master solution along with some other ones is here in this article. In addition, we believe that without knowing the pros & cons of any method, we should not accept that. This is why the features of & cons of the best solution are also here.

John Kinley, USA
“I started working on SQL server back in my high school days. It was so interesting for me that now it’s involved in my career. However, nowadays there are several other effective databases are available. On other hand, here I’m still not able to view corrupted MDF file. I’m not willing to shift to any other platform. So, is there any solution to view these MDF data files without using the SQL Server? Please help me as I’m quite frustrated now.”

Yes, we do have a solution. Stay tuned till the very end of this blog, all your questions will be answered. Before we move on toward the best solution, carefully go through all the available solutions, their advantages, & drawbacks.

All Ways to View Corrupted MDF File – Know Your Options

There are a total of 4 solutions available that can help users solve their problems. However, all have several advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s have a look at all these solutions below:

Running the T-SQL Queries

This method basically involves running the SQL queries in the system to view the data files. This is so far the most complex & hectic solution. It does provide the results but it’s risky too. There are chances of data loss present in this solution.

Using Microsoft SSMS Utility

The SQL Server Management Studio from Microsoft is an amazing utility to manage the entire database. Users can use this solution as well in order to open & view the data files but it requires an SQL Server instance to login which is not always possible for users.

Opting for Microsoft Visual Studio

Now, we have the Microsoft Visual Studio which is quite a reliable application for building, operating & managing apps, websites, programs, etc. The only catch here is that not all users have this solution & they can’t even learn to operate this in emergency cases.

Considering the Automated Approach

At last, we have the automated approach which is far better than the above solutions. It involves an automated tool that is specially designed to tackle such issues without any lags & errors. However, such tools are paid but we’re going to explore the free one.

Open Corrupted MDF File Using the Automated Solutions

Now we learned that the automated solution is the most ideal way, it’s time for us to learn the entire method in detail. Yes, such tools are paid but the Most Trusted SQL Database Viewer Software is totally free. This solution being free does not mean it is not as good as the paid ones. 

Therefore, This is why IT experts as well as MVPs of Microsoft, IBM, Google, etc use this. The reason for this is the wide range of features & facilities for users. Moreover, this tool also has a pro version which is chargeable but that too is very affordable (Under 300$). You can also get festive discounts as well.

Download this free tool on your system & then follow the below steps to view corrupted MDF file safely.

Step-1. Run the tool after installation & simply Click the Open button to add corrupted files. 

step-1 open corrupted MDF file

Step-2. Select the Quick or Advance Scan option to detect the corruption in the files.


Step-3. Now just Wait for a little as the software will scan your data files quickly.


Step-4. Hit the Ok button at the end & then view your files without any error.


Note:- Run Tool as Administrator & for smooth performance if you are working on the Windows OS 10, 8.1, 8, & 7.

Easily View Corrupted MDF File with Advanced Features

We should not trust any solutions before knowing them in & out. Therefore, in this section, not all but the most important features are here below.

An Open Source Solution

The advanced solution is totally free & this is the biggest relief to all the users looking for a free solution. If you are not feeling like purchasing the paid tools then it will be equally effective but more efficient. 

No Involvement of Risk

As such, there is no involvement of risk in this solution. This solution is totally secure & it protects the data integrity of your solution to a great extent. Users do not have to worry about data loss & file corruption.

Several Advance Features

The major game is of the features. This solution is having so many advanced features like Quick/Advance Scan, auto-detecting SQL server, etc. These solutions are not available in other solutions & hence it becomes better than all.

Lightning Fast Method

This solution is quite fast. It can open corrupted MDF file to view SQL tables, triggers, stored procedures, rules, indexes, views, keys, etc data items. Users do not have to wait for long in order to get their desired results.

No File Size Limitation

Heavy MDF files with lots of data are more prone to corruption. The manual solution often crashes and shows errors & lags while processing them. However, this tool can process MDF files of large sizes.

Simplified User Interface

It provides users with a simplified user experience & users can easily execute the entire operation in just a few steps. Other methods are outdated & new users face various difficulties in order to get desired results.

Bringing It All Together

In the end, we are hoping that users are well aware of all the technicalities. We tried our best to provide you guys with the optimum solution available. If you are an experienced user with years of experience, then you may try the manual methods. However, you have to be careful in order to avoid any data loss.

Otherwise, the best solution to open corrupted MDF file for both new & experienced users is the automated approach. Hence, there is no solution available that can match the level of features, safety & speed of this futuristic advanced solution.

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