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Top 10 Reasons Why Indians Prefer to Buy Skoda Cars

“Nobody is flawless from birth, but if you drive a Skoda, you’re fairly close,” is the saying. In India, too, this is self-evident. In India, Skoda cars are a mark of sophistication.  SKODA as a brand has produced cutting-edge technologies and innovations ever since the early days of the automotive industry. Bicycles were the first form of transportation that brought the thrill of mobility and all things technological to the masses, followed by motorcycles and then cars. Being One of the oldest car companies in the world, SKODA, has developed a fresh and distinctive brand experience that connects its partners and customers. They are continually making preparations to become the mobility brand that prioritizes customers. The German manufacturer’s vehicles exude luxury and dependability. The Octavia, the first Skoda vehicle to reach our shores, debuted in 2002 and has since grown in popularity among Indian consumers.

Every step of your trip with SKODA should be frictionless and peaceful, and that is what Skoda aims at. From the time you schedule a test drive until you upgrade to another SKODA model, they provide end-to-end services with the most appropriate suggestions to fit in your preferred or dream Skoda car within your budgetary frame. We suggest you visit PPS Skoda Showroom Hyderabad. They are well known to offer a smooth and hassle-free purchase experience with customer delight for your favorite Skoda Car.

Let’s take a look at 10 of these factors that continue to make Indians fall in love with Skoda Cars.

For the Love of German Engineering

Germans are credited with founding the global automotive industry. Skoda is one of the leading representatives of German technology in the automobile industry. German engineering is renowned for its high-quality, precise manufacturing. Indians adore Skoda automobiles, and this is all due to German technology, which has been essential to the company’s international growth. Skoda is one of the best-selling premium automobile brands in the nation thanks to its straightforward& clever strategy.

 Fully equipped with features

Skoda makes a lot of effort with its ultimate engineered cars to ensure that its clients have the experiences of a lifetime. These vehicles are jam-packed with features. This does increase the price of the automobile, but everything is justifiable once you consider the lengthy list of amenities, whether they are comfort features or safety features. You then forget about the money you spent and simply enjoy the expensive cars.

Skoda automobiles are Safe

German engineering at work once more! Skoda vehicles are designed to be both luxurious and secure for its passengers. Additionally, the majority of the German automaker’s vehicles are more than capable of offering the highest level of passenger safety. Skoda cars ensure that driving is safe with equipment like airbags, ABS with EBD, hill ascent and descent, cruise control, and much more.

Skoda is synonymous with straightforward aesthetics

Simple and superior simplicity is what defines elegance. Skoda vehicles are optimally designed, with nothing being overdone. As a result, India’s upper class is more drawn to Skoda vehicles since their simplicity really makes them appealing. Elite appearances also bring a level of class that very few manufacturers can match.

Skoda vehicles are reliable

Skoda echoes the reliability associated with German engineering. It can never let you down in terms of dependability, whether it be with the interiors or the engines of these vehicles. This is one of the factors contributing to the reputation of Skoda auto service as being quite pricey. There is a lot that goes into a Skoda car that necessitates the utmost care because such minute elements are taken into consideration.

The renowned build quality of Skoda

After a given amount of time, certain cars start to lose their enthusiasm. However, this is in no way true with Skoda automobiles. These automobiles are made to last. Thanks to the supreme engineering that goes into creating these vehicles, clocking one million kilometers on the odometer is a trivial effort for these cars. Skoda also offers remarkable value in the used car market because of its excellent build quality.

The upscale road presence of Skoda

A more upscale road presence is required as Skoda automobiles strive to be among the best premium vehicles in the nation. Skoda completely succeeds at this. Skoda automobiles are regarded as having one of the best presences.

Skoda’s loyal clientele

A Skoda customer once is a Skoda customer forever. There is no way to lose a devoted consumer to this business. The business prioritizes making each person’s experience memorable in order to gain repeat business. Find buying recommendations from a Skoda owner. He or she will undoubtedly advise choosing a Skoda.

Array of potential engines from Skoda

The BS6 era has caused businesses to switch to a new generation of engines. Skoda also offers a fantastic lineup of engines. The 1.0-litre TSI petrol engine that the firm offers is the greatest in its class, producing 175Nm of torque and 108 horsepower. Skoda’s 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, which was among the most potent when it was introduced, is still well-known.

Which Skoda Cars is best in India?

Kushaq Skoda. Although Skoda is most renowned for its sedans, the Kushaq SUV is likely one of their most well-liked models. It is offered in three different variations: Active, Ambition, and Style, each of which has five seats.

Is Skoda successful in India?

India is anticipated to finish 2022 in the top three markets, thanks to increased volumes brought about by Skoda’s record-breaking yearly sales of 60000 units, which are more than twice those of the previous year. Thanks to network growth and an enlarged product portfolio.

Is Skoda worth buying in India?

The Skoda Kushaq is unquestionably a fantastic product, and its 1.5 litre TSI engine and DSG transmission truly shine when it comes to driving performance and fun. It’s excellent in terms of safety as well, but outside of that, it keeps up with the competition and lags behind it in several aspects.

Is Skoda a luxury brand?

Skoda has switched from a “luxury” offering to the brand proposition of “value luxury” in an effort to increase sales. This requires updating the product portfolio and pricing schemes.

Are Skoda cars safe?

Prior to a few years ago, the majority of car buyers seldom gave safety any thought. However, as the government implemented new, stricter safety laws and independent organizations like Global NCAP raised awareness, consumers have begun to inquire about the safety of automobiles. In order to draw buyers, manufacturers have also emphasized the high NCAP ratings of their vehicles. Historically, Skoda cars have performed really well in crash test safety ratings for all their models.


We hope that with this post we are able to help our readers better understand how Skoda vehicles provide amazing rides with dependability and practicality. This is why Skoda is well established as a successful brand and has dramatically increased its popularity among the Indian populace. As a brand, Skoda has always been customer centric and made sure to provide diverse products which suit all customer requirements. Hence Indians have always looked up to Skoda Cars as the most desirable, reliable, and providing value for money. If you wish to know more about your preferred Skoda Car or have any questions, we suggest you visit or call PPS Skoda Dealer in Hyderabad for a distinguished automotive experience. You can also book a test drive online with them.


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