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Top 7 Most Common AC Problems

AC is our savior from the scorching heat and it can never be neglected for that. While you never neglect your AC, your AC might be suffering from many common AC problems and you don’t even have the slightest idea about it. Don’t you worry, as these AC problems can be easily fixed at home? AC is important and there are no two opinions about it. But to make your AC last longer you need to go an extra mile for that and the only way to do this is by taking care of your cooling device.

Some Of The Common AC Problems:

Running Low on Refrigerant:

If you’re not sure about what a refrigerant is, it plays a major role in the cooling process of the AC. So if there is low refrigerant then there might be a chance that your AC won’t work well. Plus, it isn’t as easy as changing the whole and requires an Ac Repair in Bhopal technician that would carefully look into the whole problem. Well, fixing these AC problems is sure to take up a lot of time. Plus, it’s going to land up really heavy on your pocket.

Evaporator Coils are Frozen:

The main part in cooling the air is of the evaporator coil and refrigerant. The refrigerant fills up the evaporator coil absorbs the heat and makes the air cold. For that purpose, it needs warm air surrounding it most of the time. If the opposite happens the evaporator coils are bound to get frozen and then you might land up in getting warm air rather than the cold one. You will eventually find out about the fault as its symptoms are quite sure and your AC stops functioning in the case.

Dirty Condenser Coil AC problems:

With this much pollution and dirt in the air, this problem is bound to arise. The condenser unit does the final job in an AC and expels out the hot air. However, if the air is dirty and not impure, all of that gets collected in this unit. Thus, this causes your machine to work harder with every ounce of air it cools, increasing the workload on the machine. Pollution being one of the gifts of modernization, it is quite a problem in its.

The fan isn’t working properly:

This might not seem a big problem but can end your AC in a really big mess if not treated properly. There are two fans in an AC, one that moves air to the evaporator coil and helps cool it and the other that moves air to the condenser unit and helps in expelling the hot air. Well, if even one of them falters it will lead to the failure of the compressor unit and eventually, your AC stops working completely. It can be due to a lot of AC problems, which include motor failures, excessive tear, or dirt. Whatever the reason it needs to be treated urgently by appointing Ac Repair in Mumbai technicians.

Ductwork AC problems:

Well, the most important thing for an AC is ductwork. After all, it is the one that circulates cool air without which all of the AC’s mechanism is nothing. The main reason behind the failed circulation of cool air can be leaking ducts. The ducts that carry cool might have some leakages which allow the cool air to escape out leaving no cool within the room. Not only this, but this will also increase pressure onto the whole driving out more power.

Programming AC Problems:

Sometimes the problem isn’t in the mechanism but the instruction. Technology is growing each day and with it grows complexity. The programmable ACs might be too difficult to understand and maybe the program it’s fixed upon doesn’t suit you at all and you might have made an error while programming it according to your taste. Whatever may be the reason the AC is bound to make an error in this scenario and you are bound to suffer. The solution to this problem is that you program it the day it’s installed by the technician himself.

Clogged Drains AC problems:

What’s absorbed has to get expelled and this is what a drainage system does. It takes all the moisture and then excretes it out. But what if the drainage system is blocked, the water has to go somewhere. Two cases arise in the scenario: either it will go back and destroy the system or it leak and destroy your beautiful house. In both cases, your loss is bound unless you get it fixed.


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