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What are the Three Pillars of SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the heart of digital marketing. A proper digital marketing campaign will give your content a new lease of life. What will the campaign include? Any credible online marketing campaign will begin with SEO strategies. An essential part of any SEO activity involves optimizing your website to meet search engine guidelines. The different SEO methods used in a digital marketing project are crucial.

You can go back in time to a time when the internet wasn’t as prominent. What do you see? What would it take to access information in an age without internet access, mobile phones, or computers? The key to obtaining the information we need was to find the right sources. These sources included people with higher education or who are familiar with similar areas such as books, magazines, libraries, universities, etc. These learned people from related domains were the main source of information collection and application help. Let me just say that you must decide who the authority is in each scenario.


It is about getting the most authoritative answer possible from the most trusted source. This is the key. The World Wide Web made it the largest repository of human knowledge. The Internet was the main source of information, not just for information, but also for entertainment, services, and products. Search engines have become more important. Search engines are crucial in connecting users and visitors with reliable sources that can answer their questions and fulfill our needs. When it comes to service requests or information seeking, things are much more convincing and easy.

There were earlier attempts to index and categorize web pages using certain filters. Modern search engines use a variety of complex algorithms to find and read web pages. They can match pages to search queries and provide the requested information. Search engines are constantly searching for authoritative and relevant sources that match the query. Search engines are expected to direct users to authentic websites that answer their queries. It all boils down to search engines evaluating relevancy and authority.

What procedures are used by search engines to assess authority?

Modern search engines consider many factors when evaluating the authority and relevance of web pages. It seems that it would be appropriate to boil down these factors into just two main categories. Let’s take a look at these factors:

Content (relevance).

Links (external citation authority)

The search engine must first read, understand and analyze the content. After this, the engine will associate the most relevant topics to the page. Get the best Seo company in Lucknow today.

In the beginning, there was no concept of on-page evaluation factors. Nowadays, search engines are more sophisticated and organized in analyzing a page’s structure and features. It is now easier to assess how efficient a search engine might be at addressing a topic or how helpful it will be in dealing with visitor queries and other requests.

After determining the page’s content and theme, the search engine adds it to its index. Next, it will identify the external signals that help in validating and gauging the authority level of every page on any given topic.

The concept of links became the most important signal for assessment after the introduction of Page Rank. Incoming links are heavily relied upon by search engines. Search engines use links in the same way that scholarly citations are treated by them. However, search engines should consider the authority and trustworthiness of these citing sources.

What are the most important links in page ranking?

You can make the user go to another site by placing a link on your website. This could lead to them leaving your site. This is often the case when you link to third-party sites. Google has other plans for this situation. Your website will get a vote of approval or thanks for each redirection. This ultimately favors your website. Search engines will consider your website as an authoritative element if there is more redirection from your site via the link. The ranking factor will rise beyond what you can imagine.

PageRank Passing

The PageRank concept was an important part of the original Google algorithm. It is a system that scores the number of links received and determines which pages are most important. This clearly shows that pages with a lot of valuable links pointed to them will have a higher page rank. It will also impact the scoring.

All links are created equal. It is not so!

All links are not created equal. Therefore, more votes are a better idea. However, it is possible for the situation to be more complex than what appears on paper. Page rank scores can range from a 1 base value to something far greater than that. Higher page rank pages may have more PageRanks to pass than lower page rank ones. Even more remarkable is the fact that a link to one page may be much more valuable than links to other pages.

Understanding Relevance

It is essential to stay relevant to the topic. You should not link to a website selling washing machines if your site is focused on selling television sets. Relevance is an important factor that determines the ranking of the link power. Relevance is a key factor in determining the value of a link. The relevance factor of a link page and its linking site play a significant role in determining the site’s performance and overall situation. It is worth considering how valuable the link may be.

Potentiality of anchor text

Anchor text is a key component in identifying and verifying the content of a page. It also confirms it to Google depending on the type of link received. The anchor text plays an important role in evaluating the authority and relevancy of the page. Google will also pay attention to signs that links are being manually manipulated for ranking purposes. Digital marketing agency in Lucknow.

Trust is key

Trust is an important component of any process. The trust factor is important when evaluating link quality. To assess the trustworthiness and credibility of a website as the source of a hyperlink, it is recommended that you use the ‘trusted link’ concept. Keep your eyes open. It is not possible to say that reputable websites are trustworthy if you only focus on selling links to others. Google can also assess trust factors in other ways, however. Google may not be able to calculate the situation the same way as you. Some areas might be related, but that’s all. Your overall approach may differ depending on what you’re considering.

What social media can do for you?

It is possible to expose your content to more people if you have a strong social media presence. This all depends on how trust is built. It is important to project a positive image of yourself with your audience. Healthy and positive interactions are essential to the success of this process. However, it is equally important to manage the situation by how you apply the influencing sources.

Last words

SEO is defined by the perfect mix of authority, relevancy and trust. Focus on the right approaches to handle the situation. You must manage the situation according to the process. Google is a dangerous tool. You could lose the trick if you make a mistake.

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