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What is a smart business and its benefits

The business world is based on strategic decision making with SharePoint Services. What makes the difference between a successful company and one that is not, is the correct and timely decision making. To be able to carry this out in the best way, it is essential to have adequate and timely information that supports the entire management of the company’s operations in an agile and rapid manner . In our article today we will talk about what a smart business is and how it can help for better management.

In the article “The importance of information for decision-making in the company” we share that reliable information is crucial for the decision-making process, both operational and strategic, being these more accurate when they are based on sources of information that They help the company reduce uncertainty and risk.

Information technologies

At this point , information technologies play a very relevant role by allowing the collection, storage and processing of data generated by the company’s operation. This facilitates access to information and reduces the margin of error that could exist when making the same capture on several occasions.

When thinking about an intelligent business, it is vital to be cautious with the information that is generated since it is just as important to have information as to know how to handle and interpret it, for this there are very useful tools such as business intelligence, also called Business Intelligence.

For an intelligent business, what is business intelligence?

Business intelligence or business intelligence (BI) is the set of processes, applications and technologies that facilitate the quick and easy obtaining of data from business management systems for analysis and interpretation , so that they can be used for decision-making. decisions and become knowledge for those responsible for the business.

This technology acts as a key and strategic factor for the organization since it provides decision makers with timely and reliable information to respond to situations that may arise in the company, such as entering new markets, cost analysis, profitability of a product line, etc.

In an intelligent business, the information provided by the BI can have different scopes, such as:

Operational level: In this item it is used for making daily decisions about the transactions that are carried out when carrying out the operations of the company.

Tactical level: Provides information for middle managers in monthly analysis and decisions that are useful for follow-up reviews and action taking.

Strategic level : At this level, the decisions have the greatest impact on the company, the information being used by senior management.

The tools for an intelligent business usually show the information in the form of dashboards or “dashboards” and specific reports that can be created from the data obtained from the ERP that the company uses for its management, in such a way that the information is presented to the user in an agile and accessible way so that the corresponding analysis and interpretation can be carried out.

It is worth mentioning that these tools are very useful for the different areas of the organization, such as:

Sales: Analysis of clients and their profitability, analysis by product, by segment, projections and sales forecasts.
Finance: Detailed reports of expenses, costs and income as well as for financial ratios and financial analysis of the company with SharePoint Services.
Logistics: Tracking of shipments and monitoring of orders to know the cause of their loss.
Production: Productivity report of production lines, inventory turnover, etc.

Benefits of a smart business

Some of the advantages that you can have in your company when using business intelligence are the following:

Increased efficiency: By having the data in an accessible and agile way. You can generate centralized value information which you can view on a single platform to take advantage of it. Optimally to carry out analyzes and make informed and timely decisions.

Quick responses to business situations: In order to make decisions at the right time. It is important to have the information. At hand in a simple way and not waste time searching for and consolidating data. Thanks to BI you can have the answers in minutes in a clear. And concise way through indicator reports and data dashboards.

Control of the function

Control of the functional areas of the company: In all areas of your company, valuable information. Project data, analyze scenarios, etc.

Improve your customer service: By having the most important information in real time. You can offer your customers a higher quality service from the order. To the after-sales service by knowing more about them and their needs with SharePoint Services. Analyze purchasing habits, recognize the best-selling products, etc.
It presents information through indicator boards for a simpler and more direct communication of the company’s situation. By having the possibility of creating different dashboards for control. You can focus on the most relevant data to show without having to review large amounts of information.

Smart business tools

The proper use of smart business tools can make a big difference between a company. That achieves growth and one that does not, between excellent or poor customer service. Between efficient inventory management and lost revenue. money and resources. Between the success or failure of an organization.

Technology is an ally to help companies achieve the expected growth and profitability. The combination of the right ERP for your organization and the benefits of business intelligence are the perfect complement. For you to take your company to higher levels of productivity and profitability.

If you have already made the decision to implement an ERP (Integral Administrative System). With the vision of creating a competitive advantage in your company through the standardization of processes. Integrating information and having more effective controls with SharePoint Services. Know the stages of implementation and Prepare yourself in advance so that you know. What the main needs of your smart business are.

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