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Where to Stay and Entertain Yourself in Costa Rica

Where to stay in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has a large selection of places to stay: from expensive comfortable hotels, where the cost of a daily stay is $ 200 and more, to budget hostels and bungalows, where a daily stay will cost from $ 10. Near the beach and in the mountains, in the city and in the village, overlooking the sea or volcanic peaks – there are a variety of offers.

You can rent an apartment, a room in a private house or a cottage, which can be cheaper than staying in a hotel.

For those traveling on their own, the best option is all-inclusive hotels, where you can choose excursions, entertainment events, where everything is provided for families with children.

Which coast to choose: Atlantic or Pacific – this question asked by everyone planning a trip to Costa Rica. While resting on any of them, you can visit national parks and reserves, get acquainted with the richness of flora and fauna.

Pacific coast

The region renowned for its high-end hotels, ethnic restaurants and stunning ocean sunsets. The Guanakeste region is especially attractive.

  • Popular cities: Manuel Antonio, Jaco, Montezuma, Samara , Tamarindo, Flamingo, Conchal, Papagayo;
  • Beaches: sandy from white, pink to cocoa color. Rest here is ideal for families with children;
  • Lovers of water sports and catchers of high waves choose beaches in Manuel Antonio, Playa Carillo, Playa Langosta, Samara, Conchal;
  • The Osa Peninsula is renowned for its rustic-style accommodations surrounded by picturesque nature.

Caribbean coast

  1. The Caribbean coast is less civilized. This region is chosen by ecotourists and surfers.
  2. Popular cities: Cahuita, Puerto Viejo, Tortuguero, Cockle, Punta Uva, Manzanillo;
  3. Many beaches with black sand and strong currents;
  4. Low wave beaches in Cahuita, Cockle, Manzanillo;
  5. On the beaches of Tortuguero you can see an amazing sight: sea turtles go ashore to lay their eggs in the sand;
  6. The beaches of Salsa Brave are ideal for surfing.


Costa Rican cuisine is delicious, varied and homemade. It is not as spicy as the Mexican, the meat not fried like in Argentine dishes. The portions are very generous and appetizing.

Rice and legumes

  • Costa Ricans  very fond of rice and beans – they are the basis of many dishes, especially side dishes:
  • gallo-pinto a popular breakfast made with rice mixed with beans, onions, bell peppers and serve with scrambled eggs, cheese and fries tomatoes;
  • casado is a lunch dish in which rice and beans serve as a garnish for a choice of meat: pork chop, chicken, beef. An addition can be fry bananas, stewed zucchini, lettuce and more;
  • arroz con pollo a traditional Latin American dish made from rice with chicken and vegetables.
  • Meat
  • Pork, chicken, chicken preferred, beef is less popular.


Seafood is as popular as rice and beans. Dishes from freshly caught tilapia, sea bass, tuna, lobster, squid, crabs can be taste anywhere in the country. Delicious pastas and sauces made from seafood. Ceviche is a popular sea bass fish dish marinated in lime juice with bell peppers and onions.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables unchanged in the Costa Rican diet: fresh and in salads, in the form of juice or dessert. Fruit paradise filled with bananas, pineapples, watermelons, avocados, mangoes, cherries, passion fruit, coconuts.


Costa Rica is a major exporter of coffee grown on the slopes and plains of the Central Valley. Coffee trees, mainly of the Arabica type, are widespread here. There are many brands of Costa Rican coffee: each producer roasts beans in his own way. The drink is popular with the residents, the smell of freshly made coffee accompanies everywhere.

Food in Costa Rica is more expensive than in neighboring countries: seafood – from $ 8, big mac – $ 7, lunch in a cafe – from $ 7, pizza – from $ 7, coffee – $ 1.5, fruit – 0, $ 5-1 per kilogram, water – $ 1 per liter.


Large shops and shopping centers are located in the capital and cities. But interesting souvenirs and exclusive products can be found almost all over the country.

Popular ceramics, bijouterie, vases, ornaments made of various materials (coral, wood, semi-precious stones), textiles and masks. A good gift from Costa Rica would be coffee, tea, liqueurs, wine, rum, spices. You can book a car service for shopping centers as commonly people hire for 24 hours.


Nature is the main attraction of Costa Rica. During excursions to the protected areas of national parks, you can see unique natural monuments, rare representatives of flora and fauna.

The fauna represented by a variety of species: 6500 – butterflies, 136 – amphibians, 220 – reptiles, 850 – birds, 1600 species of fish.

Costa Rica has over 70 protected areas. These are tropical forests, mangrove swamps, alpine vegetation, waterfalls, valleys, beaches.

The volcanoes of Costa Rica, towering over the mountains, constantly attract the attention of tourists. The journey to their peaks is surrounded by tropical nature. Lakes of extraordinary color have formed in the crater of some volcanoes. The slopes of others will amaze with geysers and hot springs.

On the territory of the National Park “Barra Honda” there are caves of the same name, covered with stalactites and stalagmites of amazing shapes.

Costa Rica has four uninhabited islands: Cocos, Caño, Negritos and Los Pajaros, declared a protected area. Bird colonies, palm groves, cozy beaches, rich and beautiful underwater world attract tourists. The events described in Stevenson’s book “Treasure Island” took place on the island of Cocos, which associated with the title of this bestseller of all time. The film “Jurassic Park” was filmed on Coconut.


Rafting on mountain rivers, rock climbing on steep slopes near waterfalls, horseback riding in thickets and edge of waves on the beaches, jeeping, limo services, mountain biking, surfing, diving, paragliding and hot air ballooning – opportunities for an exciting holiday in Costa Rica in 2021 a lot.


In many resorts you can have fun at night discos, clubs, entertainment centers. Every month the country hosts colorful festivals, carnivals, holidays, where you can be not only a spectator, but also a participant.

What else you need to know about holidays in Costa Rica


The country has modern telephone communications. A minute of international calls from a landline phone: on weekdays – $ 2.2, on weekends – $ 1.4. Free internet offered by many hotels, paid (from $ 1.5 per hour) – internet cafes and post offices. Mobile communications are available throughout the territory.


Costa Rica is one of the safest countries. But this does not negate the attentiveness and caution of tourists: pickpocketing and fraud found here as well.


The import and export of currency not limited. When choosing souvenirs and gifts, one must remember that the export of cultural values, antiques, stuffed animals and skins of animals and birds, living representatives of the fauna, also unprocessed corals prohibited.

According to the reviews of tourists who have visited Costa Rica, everything here fascinates, rest in a fabulous country charges with energy and strength, gives an unforgettable experience.

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