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Why you should conduct Trademark Investigation from Time to Time?

Trademark investigation refers to a trademark examination by you to discern whether someone else is using it. Within the domain of trademark registration, this investigation is one aspect that people ignore the most. However, should you do that? This article explains the importance of investigating a trademark in India.

Whether you are running a business using a trademark or trying to register a new brand, you generally have no idea whether or not someone else is using it. However, when one day you realize that someone else was piggybacking your brand name without permission, it is too late.

Thus, you should always be one step ahead. Always keep an eye on your trademark. In simple terms, you should not ignore trademark investigation.

But, what is it?

What is Trademark Investigation?

Trademark investigation is an investigation of the usage of the brand name. There are two types of entities that conduct this investigation:

  1. Companies that already have registered their trademarks;
  2. Entities that are looking for incorporating their brand names.

Companies that own a registered trademark do so to find out the infringers. And, those seeking new incorporation investigate to search whether someone else has already registered it.

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Why should one investigate a brand name?

There are several reasons why one must investigate a trademark. However, over the past years, the following are the most relevant reasons that have surfaced:

Brands are getting increasingly similar: Even though the Intellectual Property Department of India seeks to maintain the integrity of a trademark by ensuring its uniqueness, many are still relying on similar brand names. As a result, it is becoming increasingly common to find trademarks that resemble registered brands.

New entrepreneurs are finding it hard to establish their brands: It is common knowledge that establishing a foothold in the market hinges on a constant supply of customers. Therefore, new entrepreneurs often find it laborious to make their names with a unique brand name. Thus, they resort to infringement to ride the success wave of an already incorporated trademark.

Billions of brands are emerging every day: An unfathomable number of brands are emerging every day. Furthermore, the chance that they are similar to each other is high. Trademark investigation in this allows one to keep track of similar trademarks. Consequently, the investigator can use that information to establish a unique brand.

We live in a sensitive era: The current age is sensitive. Some would say that it is overly so. One must consider the brands that received their registration certificate years ago while keeping in mind the sensitive nature of this age. Some of these trademarks are offensive and thus, must go from the trademark registry. Trademark investigation will allow you to identify such brands and remove them.


Investigating a brand is critical for various reasons. It not only helps one decide the uniqueness of their trademark but also allows them to watch over the growth of their brand. Read Other Useful Content: DPL License

However, running an examination on a trademark is no small task. We would thus advise you to keep the contact info of a trademark attorney handy at all times. Who knows, maybe it is time for your brand to shine, and trademark investigation might help you shine brighter.

Why should you conduct trademark investigation from time to time. Consult with this blog to learn about the need of trademark investigation in this era.

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