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12 benefits swimming can bring to your body

Discover the main advantages of swimming for your body and understand why this is a sport capable of helping you stay healthy
What benefits of swimming for the body do you know? Improved breathing, more peaceful sleep, physical conditioning? We hear a little bit of everything out there. So, to make you want to swim even more by knowing the real benefits, without myths, we list eight incredible advantages explained. You will never want to stop! If you are looking to do a complete activity that works your whole body and brings several health benefits, swimming is definitely a great choice with Lifeguard class.

1. Improve your breathing

Yes, one of the main benefits of swimming is improving breathing. By the way, we’re not just talking about adults, norther director of the Brazilian Society of Exercise and Sports Medicine, Jomer Souza, in an interview with Crasser magazine, states that “in swimming, babies make quick immersions in the water and during these quick dips the body improves its ability to work with low levels of oxygen, increasing respiratory capacity. This extends to adults, of course, as the muscles responsible for the entry and exit of oxygen in the lungs become stronger, as they work harder, which also improves lung function and contributes to a better quality of life, even for who have respiratory problems, such as asthmatics, for example.

2. Say goodbye to insomnia

It’s true: one of the benefits of swimming for the body is that it helps you sleep better. Precisely by controlling the rhythm of breathing and even anxiety, your nights will certainly be more peaceful and invigorating.

Ask anyone who swims, after practicing the sport, if they don’t sleep better, reaching a deeper and more restful sleep.

And you know, right? Sleep is one of the most basic needs of our body. We need to rest completely to be productive, creative, and even maintain a good mood.

3. Swimming is good for your heart

In addition to breathing, those who practice swimming also strengthen their heart muscles, thanks to the movements of the legs, arms and trunk. This helps reduce fat around the heart, preventing heart disease.

Exercises also stimulate blood circulation throughout the body, as swimmers have an increase in blood pumping because of the water pressure.

4. Achieve fitness

By working the respiratory and cardiac system, swimming also has the advantage of improving physical conditioning, as it works so many parts of the body.

Therefore, it is ideal for those who want to have aerobic and anaerobic resistance , that is, training with a focus on durable resistance – aerobic – and speed, intensity and explosion – anaerobic.

While some sports only provide one of these types of resistance, swimming provides both.

5. Don’t suffer from joint impacts anymore

Can you not receive impacts to joints such as knees? So you’ve just found the right sport: because it’s played in water, your joints are free from impacts.

For those who have pain caused by diseases such as osteoarthritis, for example, swimming is highly recommended, because the sport keeps the joints flexible and loose, providing pain relief.

6. Swimming makes you lose weight

With so many advantages for moving the whole body, it’s clear that burning calories couldn’t be left out. Metabolism is accelerated and unwanted fat is burned with frequent swimming practice .

The caloric expenditure varies between 250 and 600 calories per hour, depending on the type of swimming , according to coach Gustavo Luz in an interview with Eu Aleta, from the G1 portal.

7. Are you stressed? Go swim!

Jokes aside, we found an article presented by Susana Alberton Del Castanet , in the Physical Education course at UNESC in 2015, which points out a significant difference in the levels of stress and anxiety in adolescents who swim compared to adolescents who do not.

This happens because of the release of endorphins in the central nervous system, which produces a calming and analgesic effect on the body, leading to a feeling of happiness.

Swimming also stimulates increased production of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine, which provide a sense of well-being and improve mood, which helps to control stress and anxiety levels.

8. Increase your concentration

Stepping out of the physical field once again, swimming contributes to your brain activity, which helps your memory and concentration.

Serotonin and endorphin are also responsible for leaving the swimmer in a state of alert and therefore more focused, which improves productivity in all fields of life: work, routine tasks, studies.

As we have seen, swimming is an aerobic exercise, which increases the oxygenation of the organism, including the brain, improving its reasoning.

There are many benefits of swimming for the body, isn’t it? So prepare your swimsuits, schedule classes and start practicing as soon as possible!

Practicing physical activity is essential for a better quality of life. However, it is important to find the one that best fits your needs and fitness so that you can practice it often.

Among so many options, swimming is seen as a complete sport, which helps in the movement of the whole body, bringing several benefits to your health. In addition, it is a low-impact sport , which prevents injuries and fractures, and is therefore the most suitable for those who are starting a physical activity.

Therefore, this is a very pleasant practice, and it can be useful to avoid diseases, also helping to combat sedentary lifestyle. Next, learn more about the benefits of swimming .

10.Swimming helps prevent heart disease

Among the main benefits of swimming, we can highlight that the practice helps to strengthen the heart, helping to prevent cardiovascular diseases and also improving your general physical conditioning.

With strengthening, the heart ends up increasing its ability to pump blood, improving blood circulation, due to water pressure.

The body movements of arms, legs and trunk, associated with the work of breathing in the water, strengthen the heart muscles, eliminating the fat around the heart, making this vital organ stronger.

11.Fat burning is also among the benefits of swimming

Those with the goal of losing weight can also find swimming a healthy way to make peace with the scales. Swimming is considered an aerobic activity, being an excellent exercise to burn those extra pounds.

However, for this, it is necessary to perform frequent training, with moderate intensity. The good thing is that if you are a person who tends not to like monotonous exercises, swimming is the ideal option for your profile!

12.Swimming helps delay aging

Another of the benefits of swimming is that it slows down aging, as frequent strokes in the pool can help improve circulatory and cardiorespiratory capacity, develop muscles, give more flexibility and resistance, speed up thinking, recover movements, balance and motor coordination.

Another benefit is that exercise helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Thus, premature aging ends up being prevented more effectively.

In addition, swimming serves to stimulate the bones to renew themselves, fighting losses and consequent fractures, being ideal for all ages, and enabling a better quality of life.

The practice of swimming helps to increase flexibility

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