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7 reasons why tiles are ideal for decorating your living place

While building your homes or renovating your bathrooms or kitchens, you should always consider the quality, and the black border tile has been used in homes for a long time. But now people are using it more and more. They are using it for decoration and as well as for cleanliness.

1. Customization:

There are a variety of tiles available, different shapes, some have prints on them, plain colour or any style with the black border tile. You can have any kind of tiles according to need. All of this makes the tiles one of the top priorities when you are refurbishing your home or building a new one.

You can have customised designs and prints on the tiles for your kitchen and bathrooms. You can even have your picture and mount it on a wall.

2. Luxury look:

When it comes to the stylish floors, tiles are the easiest way to add a luxurious look. They have very bright colours and beautiful shapes and different sizes. This will add a long-lasting look to your room. They can not be damaged easily unless some sharp-pointed and heavy thing falls on them. When you think of refurbishment or the tiles, the first thing that comes to mind are bathrooms or the kitchens. But there are other areas of the house that can also have the tiles. The hallway is the house’s main entrance, and these are sometimes ignored. Most people add white with black border tile or the marble colour tiles that give a premium look. Once you are done with tiles, place some beautiful flowers decoration at the corners of the room

3. Easy to clean:

No matter if you are using the tiles in-house or on the outer wall, they are super easy to clean. They have smooth surfaces that do not allow dust to stick with them. You can easily clean them with a duster, mop, or water.

If you are using them on the outer surface, they will resist the extreme weather, and you can easily wash and clean them without damaging the wall from water. A good rain can also make your life easy and wash the tiles.

You can also use them on the inner walls of the room. You do not need to tile the whole wall but half of it with nice prints or the patterns.

4. Low maintenance cost:

As we discussed above, they are long-lasting and will not need to be replaced sooner. No replacement; no expense. No special acid, chemical or detergent is required to clean the tiles. But yes, sometimes the white powder between the tiles gets dark due to improper cleaning. You can use any common cleansing detergent or a brush to clean that.

5. Stops the damp patches:

Unlike paint, tiles will not allow the damp patches to appear on walls even if there is a moisture issue. Sometimes there is a lot of water usage in neighbouring rooms or houses, so the walls start getting moisture and damage. If you install tiles in the bathroom or the room, that will stop the passage of water and moisture through the walls. Hence it saves the walls along with decoration.

6. Health benefits:

Tiles are good for homes and decorating the walls, especially in rainy areas, hot areas and areas with more moisture in the air. They do not allow the heat to pass. They reflect the heat if used on outer walls.

Also, the carpets have a lot of dust, even if you clean them with a vacuum cleaner. If you love to have pets in the house, the carpets can also get smelly because of them, and it costs you to wash them.

Using tiles in your homes will not only add a look but also is healthy. You can use antibacterial detergents to clean them, and this will not store any dust or smell

7. Tiles for fireplace:

A fireplace is an excellent and lavish addition to your house even if you are not living in cold areas; this will help you in winters.

Do not repeat the mistake that most people make. They do carpeting near the fireplace. You can easily clean the wood ash if you burn wood. And if you have a gas burner, it will not damage it, unlike the carpet. Charcoal or graphite colour tiles are more suitable for the area around the burner. Because even if there is some head colour damage, these colours will not make it prominent.

There are many more reasons to prefer tiles over other solutions while decorating the home but it all depends upon how you think and how you want it. The more prominent reason is that these are available in all sizes, shapes, colours, prints, and customisation. You can have the same colour tiles for the whole house or the different colored tiles for different rooms.

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