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By practicing Ardhachandrasana daily, the body gets these 6 health benefits, learn how to do it

Ardhachandrasana is a beneficial and easy yoga posture for your body, whose practice will keep you away from many diseases and problems.

It is necessary to do yoga to lead a healthy and stress-free life. To keep yourself naturally fit in today’s hectic routine, there is nothing better than yoga. Doing yoga and exercise definitely benefits the body. There are also different types and asanas of yoga. Today we are talking about Ardhachandrasana. Ardha Chandrasana, a word made up of Sanskrit words, is no less than a boon for our body. If you know about its health benefits, then you too will not be able to stop yourself from doing it.

The name Ardhachandrasana refers to the moon, that is, the moon. It is done in exactly the same way as it sounds. The shape of this asana has to be done by making your body a triangle. And it is also known as Half Moon Pose. It is extremely beneficial for maintaining balance in your entire body. Ardhasana has to be done by staying in the posture of some caution. Know here the benefits and ways of doing it.

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Know here the benefits of Ardhachandrasana:

Bones are strong

One of the most very beneficial benefits of doing Ardhachandrasana is to strengthen the bones of the ankles and thighs. This asana is effective in strengthening bones. Because doing this puts stress on our feet, it has a special effect on our ankles and thighs.

Beneficial In Hamstring

The second biggest benefit of doing Ardhachandrasana is to the nerve behind our knee, which is known as the hamstring in English. And this asana stretches our hamstrings, that is, stretches them. By doing this, the risk of injury, sprain, and pain in the hamstring is reduced. Those who do daily running, should especially and regularly do Ardhachandrasana.

Improves Concentration

Ardhachandrasana not only improves physical activities but also calms the mind to a great extent. It has been proved in much scientific research that by doing Ardhachandrasana, concentration increases, which gives you the power to fight stress and anxiety. Ardhachandrasana is also very beneficial for children. This sharpens their mind. Along with this, the balance of the body and harmony in the body are also maintained by doing this.

Beneficial For Stomach

Those who have stomach disease must do Ardhachandrasana. By practicing Ardha Chandrasana on a regular basis, there is no early disease of any kind in the stomach. Through the practice of this yoga asana, the digestive system remains healthy and balanced and there is no problem with acidity. And along with this, the problem of constipation also goes away. Ardhachandrasana should be practiced regularly to keep your digestive system healthy.

Beneficial For Lower Back Pain

Ardhachandrasana is considered to be a very miraculous yoga posture to get rid of lower back pain. And practicing this asana stretches most of your body parts. Especially the waist and the lower part of the body are fully stretched. Therefore, it is considered effective in lower back pain. Along with strengthening the lower back, this asana makes the body flexible. With the practice of Ardhachandrasana, your hip becomes flexible as well as strengthens the spine.

Reduces Weight

If you want to reduce fat from the body, then you must practice Ardha Chakrasana. By its practice, the extra fat in the lower and middle parts of the body starts burning. It reduces the fat on the waist, hips, and thighs. Those who want to lose weight can adopt this yoga asana. With this, you can also reduce belly fat.

Know how to do Ardha Chandrasana:

  • First, stand straight on the ground.
  • And move the left foot two feet away from the right foot.
  • And remember so far you have to keep your hands straight.
  • Then move the hands and feet to the triangle pose.
  • And keep the claw of your right hand slightly above the ground. There should be a distance of about one and a half feet between the toes of your right foot and right hand.
  • Then move one hand upwards and the other in the same position upwards.
  • Now raise your left leg in the air. And remember that in this position you have to keep a 90-degree angle between your two legs.
  • Take your crescent moon pose.

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If you are suffering from any disease and you are having trouble making the posture of Ardhachandrasana, then do not practice it. In such a situation, do this asana as per the advice of your doctor.

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