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Most Liked Web Hosting Panel For Your Windows VPS Server

When it comes to web hosting services, you may have to deal with a lot of information. Everything from the correct web hosting and its features to Windows server Web panels and everything in between need technological expertise.

It’s getting more and more harder to distinguish between web hosting provider india because of all the competition, as most of them give almost identical functionality and speed to stay on top. There is a tendency among most clients, however, to settle for the most basic functions. However, the control panel is a lesser-known function that deserves more attention than it now receives.

Only those who have a working knowledge of web hosting services are aware that control panels have a direct impact on the performance of a website. ‘ No matter how you look at it, there is nothing better than a tool that accomplishes what it is supposed to do.

1. cPanel is a web hosting control panel

Using a control panel, a user may easily manage their hosted websites, databases, email accounts, and more using a web-based interface.
Virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers (DS) are almost universally supported by most web hosting companies.
Let’s have a look at the top 10 web hosting control panels that are compatible with Windows OS.

2. Plesk : The Primary Option

This is one of the control panels that is supported by Windows Server. Many components of your hosting account, such as apps, files, and emails, are simply managed using it. Using Plesk’s management panel, service providers may cut operating costs and resources while simultaneously improving efficiency, profit margins, and client retention.

Plesk has four distinct login levels, each with its own set of duties and roles :

– In order for web hosting administrators to set up and administer all system elements, they must have access to the administrator level of the server. Plesk Expand’s master level login may be used to administer several servers at the same time.

– Client: The system administrator grants domain creation permissions to users at the client level. With only a single login, customers can manage several domains.

– Individual domain owner accounts are available at the third level, where they are equipped with predefined permission sets and an interface for managing a single domain.

– Password, spam filter, anti-virus settings, and more may all be managed from within the Mail User account, which is the fourth level of individual mail accounts.

More than 100 third-party extensions are available for use in the Plesk VPS ecosystem, which enables an automated and streamlined workflow for web hosting people and businesses. There is a new version of Plesk that is connected with GitHub and Docker. For the front-end, it uses PHP, while for the back-end, it uses PHP/MySQL.

3. MSP Control Panel

Multi-tenant point-and-click control over Windows server applications is provided by MSP Control Panel, which has been certified by Microsoft. It’s also packed with a slew of fantastic options:

– Organizational management may be made more efficient by reducing the amount of time and resources required.

– It enables people to complete difficult tasks even if they have no prior technological expertise at all.

– Streamline the billing and administration of your services.

– It also includes an easy-to-use desktop agent for client auto-configuration.

– Advanced spam, virus, phishing, and other types of email filtering and scanning software.

4. SolidCP

It’s also a Windows-based corporate control panel for managing several servers on a network.
Your clients will be able to manage their accounts directly from your client area equipped with all of the important functions provided by this module.
You can automate everything from account creation to deactivation to password reset and resource upgrades and downgrades using this service.

5. Webmin

Known for its versatility, Webmin is a web-based variant of Virtualmin. It was initially designed for UNIX and other comparable operating systems, but it has since been updated to incorporate Windows compatibility. Webmin is developed in Perl, a high-level, dynamic programming language, unlike many others. Webmin, like Virtualmin, is available both for free and for a fee. Administrators benefit from its expansion as well as its core functionality. For quick file, domain, email, and server setting, Webmin has a multitude of modules and a user-friendly interface. In addition, it provides the users these useful hosting features :

– Web-based virtual servers and email domains may be managed with ease.

– It makes it possible to handle database systems as a whole.

– Multiple servers may be managed using a single control panel.

– Integrate with another control panel, allowing for greater customization potential..

– IPv6 is supported.

– To provide optimal security, a firewall is readily available.

– Webmin is written in Perl on both the front end and the back end, and it supports IPv6 as well.

6. The ZPanel

Web hosting control panel developed in PHP for the frontend and MySQL/MariaDB for the backend. Windows server and POSIX (Linux, Unix, MacOSX, and the BSD’s) operating systems are both supported by it.

From the control panel, users may set up and host several domains, as well as manage MySQL databases, email accounts, forwarders, and distribution lists. ZPanel is a web hosting control panel that makes use of a number of open-source software tools.

7. H-Sphere

Linux, BSD, and Windows OS platforms may all benefit from this scalable multi-server web hosting solution. If you’re looking for a way to simplify and streamline your web hosting responsibilities, this is it. There will be no downtime if more webmail, databases, and DNS servers are added to H-Sphere. H-sphere has its unique features, thanks to Java on the front end and Java, MySQL/PostgreSQL on the back end.

– An integrated payment system with a wide range of possibilities is included.

– Anti-spam filtering and integrated Webmail are included in the service.

– Add-ons provide seamless integration of PHP/MySQL applications.


We’ve seen both the common and distinctive aspects of control panels in the preceding points. From the above, we can also conclude that Web Hosting Control Panels provided by web hosting provider India are critical to the general maintenance of your website as well as to simplify various tasks as well. That’s why the Web Hosting Panels are essential for managing websites and making hosting easier & simpler for both beginners & developers.

All of the above mentioned web hosting panels have their own Pros & Cons. So it’s a matter of choice which hosting panel suits your requirements as it is hard to determine which one is the best.

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